Want to do something to help women struggling with PPD?  It’s really, really easy, and really, really, really important.

Follow this link, fill out your information and send a message to those who represent us in the government that the MOTHERS Act will HELP mothers.  There are those who believe that passing this legislation will result in pregnant women and new mothers having drugs pushed at them.  The language says NOTHING OF THE SORT. 

The MOTHERS Act is about education, advocacy, and ultimately better and much needed care for women who, like me, experience Postpartum Depression.  If you’ve read here and thought, “I wonder what I could do to help Val right now,” click the link and fill in the information.  If you’ve ever had a friend, mother, sister, aunt, cousin, or third cousin twice removed who has experienced PPD and wondered how you could help them, click the link and fill in the information.  By doing so you will essentially be helping scores upon scores of women like me, and like them to survive the challenges of Postpartum Depression. 


Here’s that link one more time:  Support the MOTHERS Act!


8 thoughts on “MOTHERS Act

  1. Done. Thanks for bringing all this up. I’m already concerned that I will go through it if I ever have kids…but being more aware and educated will no doubt help lots of women

  2. I think we need all the education possible – PPD is such a terrible problem that we need everyone to understand what it is. The lack of education leads to ‘Tom Cruise-like’ ignorance. I’ve let my legislators and the local press know that I support the bill.

    I’ve found a good article about the importance of vitamins and minerals on a healthy pregnancy, as well as other key areas for support.

    Does that sound like ‘pill pushing’ to you? I don’t know why legislators have such lack of respect for women’s ability to manage their own bodies…

    I think we need education on proper nutrition and supplments as needed to be part of the ‘Act’. Shouldn’t the focus be to have healthy moms??

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