Steak-n-Shake Anyone?

My college kinfolk (you know who you are) will know what I mean immediately when I say this:

I need a Steak-n-Shake run.  It’s 11:30 at night, which…  would have been an EARLY run for us…

I could really go for some cheesy fries and a hot fudge brownie sundae and some convulsive giggling.

I would love a Vanilla Coke and a nice deep conversation.  The kind where I know I’ve been heard, and where I feel safe and valued.  I’d like to work on fixing the problems of the government, the world, the church, and myself all in one conversation.  I’d love the banter of inside jokes. 

And of course, we’d sign a sugar packet.  Of course we would.

So…  Anybody wanna jump in my truck and go?


12 thoughts on “Steak-n-Shake Anyone?

  1. I’ll go too. If you both come here we can go to the one in E-ville like we usually did. And Val I promise I won’t get lost and miss exit 12 six or seven times.

  2. I got the impression that that six or seven times was a bit excessive. Perhaps three of four times this time would be better.

  3. Me! Me! I’ll go. When I was in college we had those middle of the night “lets go somewhere” runs. I can’t remember where we went – hey I’ve been out of college for 26 years – give me a break – but I know exactly what you are talking about.

  4. I would go, but I was just there yesterday. I just had to rub it in. Can I over night you a Vanilla Coke and we can just talk on the phone all night?

  5. I’d be all over that, Val!! We used to go to Denny’s when I was in college. Just sit and eat and drink coffee and talk for hours. The one place that was open 24 hours and was on our side of town. *sigh* Those were the days.

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