I find it entirely depressing that in less than a month Husband leaves again.  It’s even more depressing when you consider that he isn’t even home yet.  In fact, we’re only half-way through this fun little bit of separation full of trips to urgent care and sickies and stitches (six in Little Miss’s head to be exact). 

Blah to you, Navy.  Blah to you.

Of course, what I really mean is, I proudly support the mission.  Hooya.


5 thoughts on “Disheartening

  1. Of course, what I really mean is, I proudly support the mission. Hooya.

    I can’t even give the idea of support lip service.

    Fie on you, Navy. You suck.

    (And no, this is not just because I’m bitter that we haven’t hit the halfway mark of this deployment or that the IA happens within a month of dh’s return. It’s 13 years of unremitting hell that has broken my
    will and respect.)

    I’d say to keep your chin up, that it’ll get better. But I just don’t believe that anymore. It only gets better when they get out, and even then, I fear for the “rusty on/off switch” that you talk about. What if it’s permanently off when he retires, rusted in place and completely immovable? I wish I knew what lubricant we could use to keep that switch moving for twenty years….

  2. PS Sorry to be so down in your blog. 🙂 I’ll try to find a sunbeam or a fluffy bunny or a fairy fart and bring it back here to offset the downer.

  3. Oh, that IS disheartening… to already be counting down to the next time before he’s even back again! And so sorry to hear Little Miss had to have stitches! Our youngest just had to have stitches in his lip last fall and that was one miserable ER trip… hope you’re all feeling better now, and that the time that your husband is home will give you new strength. My heart just breaks reading this Val, because I cannot begin to imagine what it is like. Whether you feel like it or not, you are one brave lady.

  4. Hi…it’s Greg again. I’ve always hesitated to comment on your husbands’ deployment because I deeply respect both yours and his sacrifice…but,alas, I cannot hold off any longer. To be frank: it pisses me off that you have to just stand there and take it while the misguided powers that be take your husband away from both you and your little ones. They (and you) need their father. I sincerely hope he is home, permanently, soon.

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