Good and Bad

I’ve been pretty down the last week or so.  Two sick kids and a trip to Urgent Care (which prompted me to say that I believe they should put a sign above our hospital doors that says, “Abandon Hope All Ye who Enter Here,” if that tells you what kind of fun that was) haven’t helped.  Not getting the sleep that I need hasn’t helped.  My children conspiring together and staging a nap boycott hasn’t helped.  Husband being gone hasn’t helped.  I am tired, and grouchy, and guilt-ridden for acting like I am tired and grouchy.  It’s not so fun.  For any of us.

But some good things have happened too.  A wonderful, generous friend brought over dinner tonight.  That was so unexpected and was such a blessing.  There were even brownies!  West Wing season IV has been keeping me company.  I actually missed quite a bit of season IV the first time around.  Husband sent ‘just because’ flowers earlier this week.  A new John Eldrege book has been really good stuff to think on and ponder.  I got to snuggle with Baboo tonight in one of those, unusual for this stage, moments when she just relaxed in my arms and closed her eyes. 

There are always bits and pieces of joy.  Always.

And this season isn’t going to last forever….  right? 

I know this is pretty boring blog-fodder, but eventually I’ll have something to say again, I hope.


3 thoughts on “Good and Bad

  1. You are in parenting boot camp and I call it a marathon as well. Wish I was there to babysit your kids for a day or two!
    So don’t beat yourself up for being human okay? One day you’ll look back and wonder how the heck you made it through. You will make it through. And your kids will, too.

    A friend of mine told me recently that parenting is a make work project. We give them enough baggage to last them a lifetime to work through. I don’t think any parent is exempt so consider yourself in great company. 🙂

  2. Oh, I hear you Val. We’re going on our 6th week of illness here and it is really wearing thin along with my lack of sleep. I’ll be praying for sunny skies ahead for you 🙂

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