The Last Call

It’s been a while since husband’s ‘away’ times have been on a boat.  When he’s on dry land, we generally have fairly good phone contact.  When he’s on the boat, we know that the last call before they pull out is the last call for a long time.

We’ve had our last call….  And though I know there is, as always, an ‘only’ factor to the detachment, the thought of not hearing his voice for a month makes my heart hurt.  It is hard to feel cut-off from your partner in life.  Suddenly all the things little and big that I save up to share with him have no place to go. 

It is “only” a few weeks, hopefully the Internet contact will begin soon, and every away time is one more closer to the last one.  We can do this.


2 thoughts on “The Last Call

  1. Ugh, I HATE that last phone call. 😦

    I end up carrying around a notebook like a security blanket. That’s where I put everything I’d tell him if I could. When he gets home, I give it to him. He has one, too, that he keeps for me.

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