The Day Will Shakespeare hit on me….

Once upon a time, I was a sugar wench in a bakery.

No really.  For two wonderful summers I had the fabulous fortune to work in Lady B’s bakery at the Bristol Renaissance Faire (and might I add that Lady B is one of the finest women that I have had the privilege to know).

My favorite part of being a sugar wench was receiving kisses on the hand.  How I wish that it was still commonplace to receive kisses on the hand….

One day, Will Shakespeare came in, in need of a piece of shortbread and a spot of coffee.  He was on a break before performing Hamlet all by himself in less than thirty minutes across the street from our little shop.  I served him his shortbread and coffee for a whopping $1.25.  He tossed another $1.25 into my tip jar….  I gleefully breathed, “Thank Thee My Lord,” and he kissed my hand and called me a sweetheart.

It was definitely one of my life’s high-points:  to be called sweetheart by Will Shakespeare….  What can I say?

And so…  at this time in my life when harmless diversions are downright necessary, I am thankful for Google Videos, and YouTube which allow me to relive such wonderful memories. 

I’m blushing all over again….


7 thoughts on “The Day Will Shakespeare hit on me….

  1. wow i am blushin with you. Isn’t it wonderful to have those kinds of memories to relive in your imagination to help you through those days when you feel you need a boost? We had the priviledge of becoming “friends” with bJ thomas of Raindrops keep falling on my head fame. he is by far one of the sexiest singers of all time…old now…but for an old guy he looks and sings good. To have him hug me, call me sweetie and kiss my cheek is a memory I cherish. and my husband doesn’t even mind my secret crush on him. I have a coke can of his that he drank out of one night when we were with him….it sits in our room on our dresser! Ahhh sweet memories!

  2. I’ve been to the the Bristol Renaissance. My friends and I used to go every summer when I was in high school. We had such fun. There was an older man with a wonderful long gray beard that did face and body painting I remember quite well.

    What fun!

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