Well Ok Then…

The “Next Location Frustration” has officially been cleared up.  Someone DID help, finally.  An individual “up the chain” assisted Husband in his call to the detailer and suddenly we had orders.

We’re staying here for three more years.

You’d think that having orders and finding out that there isn’t the craziness of a move in my future would bring so much relief that I would be content and happy and wonderful.

But it turns out, I really wanted to get the heck out of dodge.  I am disappointed.  Not just a little disappointed.  A whole lot disappointed.  I was really looking forward to a new adventure and to a clean slate.  I wanted to see new things and do new things and immerse our family in new things.  We live in a wonderful area, but I have what my friend, Heather, calls “The Gypsy Itch” without a doubt. 

Part of it is the Navy’s all-too-frequent slamming on of the brakes of my preparation processes.  I’ve gone from being anxious and sad about leaving here to being excited and happy about new possibilities only to find out that I’m not really going anywhere after all.

Part of me wonders if this wasn’t just one more way I was looking to ‘escape’  at the moment.  I think I had an idealistic idea of ‘the next place.’  Of course I wouldn’t be tired, and depressed, and anxious, and a big huge freaking mess somewhere else.  That’s just what I do in Washington!  (Ha!)

Regardless, the important thing is we will be together.  Even better, the orders at least appear to be a ‘true shore duty’ so we should have Husband HOME.  He should be working much more stable hours.  He should be able to finish his degree.  This should bring some stability to our family.  More stability then we’ve ever known, really.  For that I am very thankful (and maybe a little anxious…  what are we gonna do with stability?!). 

So….  I’m composing a list of things I love about Washington and praying that my love of the area will be renewed.  It really is a cool place.

List of Washingtonian Wonder for Hopeful Love-Renewal:

  • 3 More Tulip Festivals
  • 3 More trips to our “mountain getaway” spot.
  • We’ll still live in the same corner of the country as my Aunt K (and co.)
  • We can finally go visit Canada!
  • Beautiful sunny summers
  • We could take another whale watching trip
  • Husband will be around to go hiking again
  • I can continue to work with our Moms group and see how it grows
  • I can move forward confidentally on working to get PPD support for ladies on THIS base.
  • We don’t have to start from scratch
  • More sunsets at Deception Pass and the funny piece of driftwood at the Soundview Shopper.
  • This gives us a chance to get off to the actual Washington Coast
  • More lighthouses to explore
  • More berry picking….  Oh how I love berry picking
  • We already know folks who like to babysit for our kids
  • Three years gives the area some time to get some decent restaurants–(Hey a girl can dream!)
  • Maybe I can finally get myself in gear to go to the Carters Outlet and The Childrens Place between here and Seattle
  • People that we know won’t have to change their address books.
  • I know for certain I will be registered to vote in the presidential election and I know where and how to do so.
  • I don’t have to play the game of “I want to make new friends, but I’ll have to leave them” that inevitably happens before a move
  • Maybe I’ll finally get to see a Sea Otter up here
  • I won’t have to leave all the eagles.  I do so love seeing eagles on a daily basis
  • 3 more air-condition free summers
  • I can try all the yummy sounding dessert places in the town over the bridge
  • We can start exploring more places ‘off the island’
  • September Kite Festival
  • Rhododendron gardens
  • I’ll get to know the new little man who was born today to one of our Moms group members
  • We still have mountain streams to explore
  • More beaches to discover
  • More Kapaw’s Ice Cream!

There’s lots of good stuff.  There is.  The forward momentum of the objects in the vehicle just have to catch up to the effect of the brake pedal.  I’ll get there.


6 thoughts on “Well Ok Then…

  1. You are so right–we just got word that we might be able to extend or retour here, and while that’s great in terms of not having to DO anything and being relatively near my family, I’m not sure how I feel about it. Especially the thought of him being in a sea tour for another one to three years…I think I am ready to move on, too. I’ll probably have to compose a similar list…

  2. I’m glad there is resolution, Val. And also surprised that I managed to get in a couple of things you haven’t done yet. 😛

    Have you ever been to the Bainbridge Drive-In? If not, please go for me and have some salmon hash. I never got to eat that and I always wanted to.

  3. I think your reaction is perfectly normal! It would be really hard to never know what the plan is and to have to try and adjust your expectations at the drop of a hat. I think you’re doing remarkably well… much better than I would do! 🙂

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