More Next Location Frustration

Well…  we didn’t get those orders to Japan.  Or to the other four places that we put in for.

We’ve hit a whole lot of SNAFUs with the whole orders process.  To explain more is simply too laborious. 

But basically we’re down to the wire.  And the people who are supposed to be helping Husband aren’t. 

It’s very frustrating.  Very anxiety producing.

So…  we may go through part of another deployment (our third in the five years he’s been in btw) after this long string of work-ups and be done with the Navy for good.

We may work back channels and stay here for three more years.

A miracle could occur and we might find some decent orders.

And basically that’s the same place we’ve been for months.  Except  now we REALLY NEED to get answers.  Now we are out of time.  And now all those people who told us we had plenty of time are officially wrong.  And all of those people who were supposed to help us all along but didn’t still aren’t. 

I just. want. to. know.  When I know I can start to wrap my head around it.  For a while Husband was gung-ho for getting out….  So I started getting comfortable with that idea.  Then that didn’t look like such a good idea.  Then it looked like we were going to stay here.  At first I was disappointed with that prospect, but then I started making peace with it.  Then it sounded like we might get to transfer somewhere new, which….  bizarrely excited and energized me. 

Now we have no clue which way this thing is gonna go.  None.  Zippo.

Husband and I are both on edge about it.  He is so frustrated he doesn’t want to talk about it.  I am so anxious I need to talk about it.  That doesn’t really work out so well.

But…  eventually we will get answers.  They might not be answers that we like, but we will get them one way or another.  And then I CAN wrap my head around it.  And we will do what comes next.  Whatever that may be.

I’m just ready to know.


7 thoughts on “More Next Location Frustration

  1. I know what you’re feeling, but about a totally different thing. I know that want to know feeling. We’re praying for you guys. HUGS

  2. Not a good position to be in 😦 I am so sorry. I don’t understand why the Navy can’t get its act together in situations like this. They leave everyone hanging in limbo all the time, and then they wonder why they can’t get anybody to re-up.

    If your husband doesn’t want to talk about it, you know we’re always here to listen!

  3. Hugs to you all. I know being so uncertain about anything is difficult. I hope you find out something soon.

    And I know I’m a few days late, but Happy Birthday to Little Miss!! There’s a really cute blanket sitting in my knitting bag that is 1/3 complete. . . .

  4. Oh, soooo frustrating! I’m a need-to-know kind of girl too, and the not knowing thing drives me crazy… hope you get some answers and peace of mind soon!

  5. I’m so sorry. You and your hubby sound like me and mine. Don’t they understand that planning (even in your mind) is a definite must? The whole wrapping our minds around a situation is a crucial step in the planning, getting ready, being happy about it stage.
    Prayers are with you.

  6. That’s awful you can’t get any concrete orders. I’m sorry it’s been so difficult and glad you have a blog so you can share. Everyone deals with stress differently. Things will still work out. I tell myself that all the time and believe me I can relate to your frustration but for different reasons. 🙂

  7. I feel bad for you. It is so hard when things just hang in limbo. My husband lost his job last summer unexpectedly and under horrendous circumstances. It was horrible and unnerving and frustrating and scary. We were at our wits end as to what to do. The company he worked for even took us to court to try to get a restraining order to keep my husband from starting a competing business with them. But, God works in mysterious ways. We now own a new business, it is a slow process and interesting and a bit scary too but we are learning and growing and working together to make it an adventure for us. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when I just want to know the future and what is ahead and if there is smoother sailing in somewhere along the line, but for now, we are moving forward. Hang in there! I’ll be thinking of you.

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