PPD and Military Wives.


**Photo taken late the night before Husband left for Japan. 


Wow.  No really.  Wow.  I think I feel a project coming on…. 

I just learned that the risk factor for military wives to get postpartum depression is 2.3 times greater than the normal population. 

Now, I will say, that our teeny little Naval Hospital DID screen me for PPD on a couple of different occasions, which is very, very commendable; however, it was NEVER explained to me that my being the wife of a deploying service-member placed me at a greater risk for PPD. 

And after my peach of a doctor gave me my diagnosis and handy-dandy script for the pharmacy, there has been no sort of support for the drop-down drag-out fight to dig out of the hole of PPD.  To my knowledge there is no kind of support group.  There are no services to offer extra help to mothers of deployed servicemembers who have infants.  Unless you sign up for the visiting nurse program here at base, there is no one to follow up with Moms and families.  So many women like me must be out there struggling to get through this while juggling separations and PCSes and all of the other fun aspects of the military spouse lifestyle.

And seriously, this should not be.  There should be a support network in place for military Mom’s going through this.  The screening is good, but the follow-up is necessary too.

Like I say….  I feel a project coming on…..  And if we get some decent orders, I’ll have three years to do something with it!


4 thoughts on “PPD and Military Wives.

  1. Go get ’em, Val!! Just think, it would you a purpose beyond motherdome, something you’ve talked about before. 😉 Imagine the sense of success if you can change just this one thing to help others!!

  2. Yes! You absolutely make what should be an obvious point but apparently *isn’t*. Thank you for saying something. I had no idea about the greater risk, but I also got screened. If I even drove near the town of Bethesda, I had a team of nurses chasing me down the road, waving a screening form at me, and demanding I pull over.

    You go, girl. What a worthy project, and what better person for such a topic?

  3. I’m going to ‘out myself’ here Val, but I volunteer with National Military Family Association. I contacted my superior and am trying to route out the proper channels to bring this to the attention of the higher ups. NMFA has been VERY successful in lobbying for family support programs of all kinds, so hopefully we can get some additional attention brought to the issue. If I can be of any assistance, please send me an email!

  4. I had no idea that military spouses were at a greater risk either but it doesn’t surprise me considering the burden many are under b/c of the likelihood that their spouses aren’t around. Good for you digging into this and trying to start something up. You would almost think a support system or something would have been started ages ago too but at least if you get something going now, it will be in place for the future.

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