Oh Yeah…

I stumbled upon a couple of articles thanks to Non-Essential Equipment this evening that made me feel a little better about the worries I mentioned in this post about feeling ‘worthless’ as a stay at home Mom.

I kind of forgot while I was freaking out that, as a military wife, it’s hard to find jobs that easily transfer, that accommodate the ‘single-parent’ lifestyle that I assume on a regular basis, and that pay well enough for it to even be worth having my children in childcare.

These articles reminded me of those particular stumbling blocks.  I find this paragraph particularly enlightening:

Unemployment among military wives is nearly four times the national average. There is a $12,000 wage gap between college-educated civilian and military wives. A military wife with a postgraduate degree has 20 percent less chance of finding full-time employment than a civilian wife.

I guess, reading these articles helped me to remember that I *am* doing something worthwhile right now.  I am raising two beautiful kids, yes.   I am also loving and supporting a man who is serving our country.  That particular ‘profession’ involves sacrifices that aren’t always obvious to the outside observer, or even, obvious to me.

Put in that light, I realize that I’m not wasting away or choosing not to live up to my potential.  Rather, I am doing the honorable job of supporting a service-member, which is in itself a unique way of serving our country.  Add that to the job of being a Mom and it doesn’t sound too shabby does it?


One thought on “Oh Yeah…

  1. It’s the story of my life!!! I know this all too well. Tell me a civilian that is my age, with my education and experience, that can only get entry-level positions. Nobody can!! It’s because we’re military and because I’m always the new kid in town and I find it completely disgusting!!

    It’s why I’ve gone back to school for my nursing degree. Pay is better and it’s much more portable.

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