From My Lips to God’s Ear? That Was Fast!

I started emailing people last night about my conviction that some support mechanisms need to be in place to provide care for military wives who may face or are facing postpartum depression/perinatal mood disorders.  This morning, I made some phone calls to folks on base. 

I spoke on the phone this a.m. with a woman who was immediately very enthusiastic about exploring the possibility of creating a support group here on base for women dealing with PPD.  She said that she’s been in her position for a year, and she was surprised this was the first time anyone had broached the subject.  She gave me some ideas of folks to call, and set up a time for us to meet and discuss the progress we’ve each made. 

This evening I was delighted to find an email from an individual affiliated with Postpartum Support International not only responding with a ‘let me see what we can find out for you’ type of response which was what I expected.  Rather, she replied to me and CCed several other folks who she knew to be interested in the issues surrounding PPD in the military community.   She asked these individuals to send me any information they may have AND sent out a query about possibly setting up a coordinator specifically for the needs of women in this unique situation. 

I  just can’t believe that with just this little bit of looking and contacting I’ve already gotten such wonderful, supportive responses.  It makes me very, very excited.


5 thoughts on “From My Lips to God’s Ear? That Was Fast!

  1. Wow, Val. Interesting especially in light of your post wondering if you were wasting your God given potential. Though I’ve never met you, somehow I had a feeling that would likely never be the case. I’m excited for you, girl. Way to follow those nudges.

  2. I haven’t been out visiting much lately, so I’m just now reading this…
    This is fabulous! Good for you, getting pro-active. And awesome that the response was so good and so fast!

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