A Deluge

Baboo was feeling better, but still on phase II (read heavy diaper change phase) of the stomach bug.

Wednesday afternoon Little Miss wakes up whimpering.  Then the vomiting begins and doesn’t stop until 2:30 the next morning.  Then onto phase II.

Meanwhile, Husband who had been a dear about helping with Little Miss, begins his ride on the Vomit Comet.  And I’m not feeling well either (I never actually took my own VC ride, but I felt sick to my stomach, weak, and achy all that night and the next day.  I didn’t eat).

The next morning, Husband calls in to work to say, “I can’t make it in.”  Work says, “Fine, don’t come in, but you have to go to Sick Call to be declared officially sick.”  Well, Husband was too weak to do so.  At one point a chief (a nice one) called to check in on him.  When he asked how he was I said rather shortly, “He can’t walk.  He can hardly stand up.  He’s very weak, but SURE you can talk to him.”  (I felt bad when I found out it was a chief…..).  That was the honest status of my husband.

Finally he felt sort of able to make it to the hospital, so he went to urgent care.  He left at 9:30 a.m.  At 1:00 I started getting a little worried when I couldn’t get ahold of him.  The worry was heightened by 2:30 when I still couldn’t get ahold of him.  Finally, I called Urgent Care and was told he’d waited for 3 hours and was back in the cubicles. 

Meanwhile, I stayed home managing my children from my bed on the floor.  Baboo was still feeling mostly better.  Little Miss was droopy.  Very droopy.  And believe me, we still had LOTS of Phase II going on .  We watched movies and I tried in vain to keep Baboo from playing with Electrical Outlets.  Also, if I never had to watch the movie “Garfield” again it would be too soon after um…..  four viewings??

Husband came home around 3:30 to tell me his Blood Pressure had dropped like a rock, and they’d given him 3 bags of fluids by I.V. and some anti-nausea medicine.  After bag 1 he tried to stand up to go home and nearly passed out.  Oh, he didn’t get his SIQ chit for the day, but he’d be excused since he was IN Urgent Care, and if he wanted one for the next day he’d have to come back.

About 3:45 Little Miss woke up screaming, pulling at her ear, and saying that it hurt. 

Now it was my turn to go to Urgent Care with Little Miss in pain and Baboo as well–since Husband was in no condition to be able to care for her by himself.  And did I mention that I was sick too?

Urgent Care moved a little more quickly for us.  Poor Little Miss was terrified at being held down to have her ear irrigated.  The ear infection was confirmed and we got our amoxicillan at the pharmacy (which moves amazingly more quickly with only ER patients getting meds.)

We got home at 7:30.  Little Miss snacked on saltines and ice cream, much perked up at this time, and excitedly relating the story of the lady poking stuff in her ear.  Husband sunk into bed still feeling pretty awful.  I snacked on saltines and Sprite and finally sunk into bed after staying up most of the two previous nights with sick kids.

All told my family spent a cumulative 8 and a half hours in the Urgent Care clinic at the base yesterday (it’s the former ER, but we don’t have an ER anymore….  and that’s a whole other story).  I went through untold numbers of diapers, and cleaned up lots and lots of puke. 

We’re mostly all better.

And Husband leaves tomorrow for the first of several detachments spaced out by two weeks or less between each between now and August.

Yahoo.  Pass the saltines.


4 thoughts on “A Deluge

  1. Egads. I’ve *never* been there, done that. Nope. Never. Sick to my stomach and in pain while kids and husband are puking and/or otherwise ejecting stuff from bodies? Nope. Not me. Soldiering on because nobody else is going to? Nope. Not me.

    I swear, we women deserve metals. I hope you get a solid nap and feel better very soon. 😦 So sorry you had to deal with all that alone.

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