Swirling thoughts and light blogging

I am entirely thinkative lately, which would normally mean that posts would be popping up right and left, but the thinkativeness isn’t translating onto paper very well.  Really I feel like I’m standing in the middle of a bunch of swirling thoughts, some crucial to who I am, some about healing, some full of self-condemnation, and some about life’s mundanities.

In truth, I feel pretty overwhelmed at the moment.  Some days I’m just trying to hang on and get to the end of the day. 

I’m not in a bad place.  I actually think I’m in process in a healing way.   But the thinkativeness and the future anxiety and the two precious and demanding children are a lot to keep up with at the moment.

Anyway, I guess that’s why I’m less bloggy at the moment.


One thought on “Swirling thoughts and light blogging

  1. I’m glad it’s a healing thinking process. : ) I can think of a few of my less healing thinking processes I’ve been through and am glad to hear a little silver in the lining of your thinking cloud.

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