We’re back from Hawaii and we had a blast even though Anna Mae passed away the day that we left.  We hope our family knows how much we longed to be with them, and we hope that Anna Mae feels that we honored her by cherishing one another and our time there.

Me and the girls are sick.

Writing coming soon.  Really.


3 thoughts on “Non-update

  1. Almost seems prophetic she passed the day y’all left for your vacation. I’m sure she knows just where your hearts were.

    My prayers go out to you all during this time and I hope y’all feel better soon.

  2. Oh no, that’s terrible you came back sick! I’m hope you all get better soon. My Mom flew to Atlanta and back a couple weeks ago and came back with a killer cold/flu thing that lingered forever. I’m really hoping you guys don’t have that!

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