The Polar Express

We rented The Polar Express last night, and despite the fact that it was nearly bedtime, we put it in to watch. 

From the moment the train came rolling in, Little Miss and I were both spellbound.  She curled up in my lap by the light of the Christmas tree lights, the new kitten snugly cuddled in her arms.  She hid her face during the scary parts, and twittered with excitement during the magical ones.

Only one thing bothered her about the movie.  At the end, when the boy returned home, she was certain that the Mama should have played a more important role upon homecoming.  She kept whimpering, “Where’s Mama?  Where’s his Mama?”

I love that at this moment in her life, the end of every adventure should conclude in Mama’s arms.  In her eyes, every perilous adventure, every wondrous exploration isn’t complete until she’s snuggled firmly next to me. 

I hope it will always be that way…. 


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