How Stockdale is Already Improving Our Lives–Or Why My Life Looks Like an “I Love Lucy” Episode

(Uncle Ken and Aunt Ellen, you’ll appreciate this)

See–I was right.  Stockdale hasn’t even been here 12 hours and already he is improving life around here.

After the kiddos went to bed, I cuddled with him.  He purred.  Then he played in adorable kitten ways.  He wandered around the room….  He jumped.  He frolicked.

Then he scratched.

Then he scratched again.

“Uh-oh,” says I.

I roughed up his fur a bit to try to see his skin.  And I thought that I detected something that might possibly look like a flea.  I didn’t see any ‘flea dirt.’  But….  there was a black thing…  That appeared to be flealike. 

I will NOT be infested with fleas.  I just will NOT.


Stockdale was quarantined to the garage.  Chester was quarantined to the bathroom. 

And vacuuming commenced. 

I just did THE most thorough vacuuming job OF MY LIFE.  I vacuumed the furniture.  Under the furniture.  The couch.  Inside the couch.  Behind the entertainment center.  I vacuumed everything.

Incidentally, that meant I had to tidy up.  I’ve been having trouble tidying up.  I had the mastitis you  know, and then I was feeling oomphless.  I also washed any stuffed animal that was in any rooms that Stockdale was in today.  (Luckily that wasn’t many).  That required me to move the clean clothes into the dryer and the dried clothes into the clothes baskets–and all of the clothes away from the quarantined kitties.  That meant laundry got done  started.  I put the non-stuffed animals in hot soapy water–probably the first time I’ve done so since Baboo Little Miss was born.

Which, of course, meant I had to clean out my sink.  Which meant I got the dishes in the dishwasher put away and the other dishes loaded.

You see….  We NEEDED Stockdale.  He has helped me clean.  When no one else could.

Now….  I just get to wake up early tomorrow….  Go straight to the vet and buy some Advantage…..  Treat both kitties in quarantine….  Keep them in quarantine til I’m satisfied they won’t be spreading any could-be fleas around here.  And vacuum some more.  Also mop.

I told you he’d be good for us, didn’t I?

Why do I get the feeling this one is sure to be continued……


3 thoughts on “How Stockdale is Already Improving Our Lives–Or Why My Life Looks Like an “I Love Lucy” Episode

  1. Maybe Stockdale should come visit me–I need the incentive to clean. At least I will have time soon–almost done first grad school semester and house looks terrible from the neglect.

    I’m grateful my two kitties never had fleas! We have enough trouble with the youngest jumping on the oldest one when all she wants to do is sleep. My kitties can be seen here:

    I look forward to seeing pictures of your–looks like you already started off with a fun family story of those two! What do the children think of the animals?

  2. So that’s what I’ve needed all along? A kitten? With fleas? Hmmmmmm? I wonder how that would go over with hubby.
    “Well see honey, I was having issues with motivation. Evidently Christmas wasn’t good enough. So I adopted a kitten.”
    Aside from the fleas, the house is clean.

    Flea powder was the only thing that ever worked with my Emerson (cat).

  3. I have to say that I just posted about the flu season hitting our house. And while I hate the flu, as most people do, it has caused me to do some major cleaning of the house to disinfect and get rid of as many of those pukey gross snotty germs around here as I can. No, it was a cuddly little kitten that would curl up in my lap but it was the flu that curled up in my stomach and hurled up out of my mouth, into the toilet…well you get the idea. Sometimes those new arrivals are the push we need to get some much needed stuff done. So merry flu season to all of you!:)

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