On Cats and Insanity

(Yes, Annie–the title is for you.  ;))

Ok, so the truth is….  Today was a down day.  An awful day.  Blahier than blah.  Parts of today just felt so devoid of hope.  So devoid of cheer.  So devoid of any possible belief that ‘better days are coming.’  I just felt….  well…  depressed!  I woke up feeling good, feeling able to conquer the world…  When it took two hours to make it through my 40 minute workout video….  well that’s when I started feeling ‘off.’  Then the exhaustion hit…  And then just…  blah. 

So in the midst of this blah an idea forms…  I’ve been staring at a sign across the street for days  now.  I’ve come to think of it as ‘The Sign of Temptation.’  In green stencilled letters it says, “Free Kittens.”  The only thing that would have been more tempting for me would be a sign that said, “Free Chocolate.”

For some reason, in my funk, that sign grabbed me….  And wouldn’t let go.  I called my sister-in-law to talk me out of it.  She did.  I called my Dad to talk me out of it.  He did.  I called my best friend to talk me out of it.

She said go for it.  That’s what best friends are for.

And….  well….  I did.

And maybe it’s ridiculous.  Maybe it’s irresponsible.  Maybe it’s impractical.

But I just kept thinking.  This could be a little piece of joy for us to hang onto.  A little bit of it.  A kitten to cuddle and watch bounce and play.  I longed to see Little Miss’s eyes sparkle and Baboo’s curiosity piqued.  And I longed to stroke a timid kitten until he purred.

So I did it.  I marched across the street.  And I found a kitten.  A sweet, black kitten.   In keeping with our Naval theme we’ve  named him Stockdale (our first cat is named Chester Nimitz…  though he was originally named after Chester from Gunsmoke because of the hitch in his getalong). 

I’m crazy.  I know.  Even the doctor told me.

But now I’m a crazy lady with another cat.  And somehow, that makes me happy.


5 thoughts on “On Cats and Insanity


    This is sort of unrelated, I just need to vent.

    I used to love Christmas, especially the days leading up to it. Now its just a painful reminder that mom’s gone. My daughter Eliana (I call her Beaujeux) has been sick, and I really, really, really want to pick up that phone and ask mom’s advice. She just knew everything. Evrything about everything. She would know exactly what to say to put me at ease, and what to do with the baby. Not having that day to day advice is I think what I miss the most. Or perhaps her voice. I could fill a book with what I miss about her.

    We’re not celebrating Christmas this year. No tree. No decorations, no gifts. Just too hard. Mom made Christmas every year, and now that’s she’s gone, it seems disrespectful to celebrate it. Does that make sense? Except for Eliana, we’ll be getting gifts for her.

    The first pic I have of myself as a baby is at my first Christmas in 1971. I’m in a little santa outfit. My mother took that photo and made an ornament out of it. We still have it.
    We put Eliana in a similar outfit recently (see her website http://www.eliana-k.com) and took photos. My wife was laughing in joy. I was hoping my mother was looking down on us and seeing her beautiful granddaughter.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with being a crazy lady with another cat. 😉 My best friend is just like that too. Although last time I saw her cat I think he was 5 times the size of that cute little guy and already on a diet.

  3. Greg–I so understand. This Christmas just do what feels right with Christmas. My first Christmas without Mom, was also my daughter’s first, and my husband was deployed. I did my best to do it up for my daughter…. But it was so hard. Then Husband’s grandfather died three days before Christmas. It all just seemed so dark. I hurt so very badly and was just so full of missing.

    The joy will begin to come back into Christmas…. Though I’m finding it’s different every year. Last year I was excited and happy. This year I’m feeling pretty bah-humbug and I find that I miss Mom as much as ever.

    The day to day things are really what make you realize that they just aren’t here anymore, you know? I STILL want to call her for help. I want to call her and tell her all about this whole silly flea situation just to hear whatever smart-alec thing she would have to say.

    I’m glad you feel comfortable coming to vent here. Please do anytime.

    Hang in there. This time of year just hurts when we miss someone so amazing.

  4. I feel so special – getting a mention at the beginning of this. And you know I’m going to live through you – fleas and all – that is until I can talk Blondie into allowing a cat to share my version of insanity.

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