It’s All in your perspective, Right???

****Sorry, Honey…  I’m going to pick on your less-than-wakeful tendencies again.  You know that I love you and that you do so much for us every single day!!!

Normally I’m not all about ‘putting things in perspective.’  Mostly because I use that idea to lay huge guilt trips on myself for having feelings.  But in this case, it works.

First thing this morning I was NOT a happy person. 

I was a tired person.  A grumpy person.  Even an angry person.  I was stressed and frustrated, and did I mention exhausted?

Wednesday Husband left on another detachment.  He’ll be gone a few weeks, he’ll be back by Christmas.  No biggie.

Friday I woke up freezing….  I cranked my heater up.  I was still freezing.  I added a comforter to the two quilts and knitted blanket already on the bed.  Still freezing.  Oh.  That’s why…  I have a fever.

I have mastitis. 

I have the classic “malaise” symptoms down to a tee–In my mother’s words I’ve felt like hammered dog poo (only Mom would never have said poo).  I’ve been achy, nauseous, had a fever up to 102….  And I can’t. get. enough. sleep.

So I bowed out of all of my church commitments so that I could get some extra rest and take it easy today.

Little Miss and  Baboo had other plans…. 

At 5 a.m. this morning.

I tried so hard to get them both to get back to sleep.  Nothing worked.  I was really beside myself.  And I needed to blow off steam…  So I did what any self-respecting Navy wife would do.  I called my Daddy and whined.

I told him I was tired.  I told him I was exhausted.  I told him I was angry and my husband was gone and I was sick…  really sick….  and it wasn’t fair….  And if only Husband was here maybe he could have taken care of the girls this morning…. 

I got it all out of my system and continued with the morning.

Later it occurred to me:  Husband has a terrible time waking up anytime before his alarm or before his body is ready to wake up.  Hence, most of the time, night-time dealings fall on my shoulders (and I’m ok with that mostly).  So I thought to myself, “Self…  If husband had been here as you were whining about….  Things c(w)ould have gone this way:  Baboo would have woken up.  You would have nursed her.  She would have decided not to go back to sleep.  Little Miss would have woken up.  She would have decided not to go back to sleep.  You would have said, “honey…  could you please take the girls?”  Husband would have grunted.  You would have elbowed him….  Husband would have grunted again.  You would have said, “Honey….  Please!”  And Husband either would have grunted again leaving you to get up with them and be frustrated at them, AND at him, or….  He would have gotten up with them but done so in such an obviously miserable way that you would lay there all morning feeling guilty and not sleeping anyway.  With him gone, at least you saved yourself those anger/guilt feelings.”

Like I said–It’s all in your perspective!!

Incidentally, so far it’s been a really lovely day anyway.  We struggled through breakfast, but it started snowing…  So we spend the morning watching The Charlie Brown Christmas Special, watching it snow, drinking hot cocoa, and I even felt well enough to take the kids out for about fifteen minutes so I could snap some photos of them playing in the snow. 

As for me sleeping?  It’s nap-time….  And I’m going to go lay down.


3 thoughts on “It’s All in your perspective, Right???

  1. I can relate to the mastitis incident as well as the non-waking hubby. Hey! I can even relate to the fact that sometimes these not so convenient situations are handled with a little more class when hubby is away.

    I am sorry you’re not feeling well and am praying for your healing. Also that kids will be not so kidlike during your misery. Get some sleep.

  2. I hope the mastitis gets better really really soon. I had a light case of it and didn’t last long thank goodness. And yeah, I can also relate to the not waking husband. As an infant, when the crib was in our bedroom, W.W. would wake and sevearal times at night and did Daddy ever wake up? Not a one time.

    Sometimes it just happens that way… 🙂

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