Face It

Ok, so…  I had a little trouble with this Wrapped Emotions post from the technical end.  For one thing, we didn’t have any photo editing software for me to make the photo black and white.  So…  I printed it in gray-scale…  But you see our ink is running out, which kind of worked because it de-accentuated my hair leaving just my face really.  But…  well, yes it’s all a little rough.  On top of that, we didn’t have the drivers installed for our scanner, so I couldn’t scan the photo in to post.  Hence, a photo of…  a…  gray-scale printed picture.  But darn it!  I tried!

So here it is–my liney face.  I didn’t have any grand emotional revelations while I was working on this project.  BUT it seemed very appropriate for this week, in light of my last post.  Somehow taking a look at my face, and really seeing it seemed important as I think of what defines me and what doesn’t right now.  Looking into my eyes in the photo and asking what they tell me about how I’m feeling did too. 

And then, well…  My darling little toddler enhanced the picture.  Which…  you know–fits too.  She and her sister are going to be the ones to add multitudes of smile and worry lines to my face, after all. 

So…  Though I didn’t follow directions precisely, I did the best that I could this week.  I enjoyed the process anyway, even if the result is a little garbled. 

Here is the very rough finished product (I tried to post the original, but even THAT has proven to be impossible).


9 thoughts on “Face It

  1. it looks really cool, like something from an art exhibit! i too had technical difficulties this week:-)

    your last post (i clicked from here) is a powerful statement about yourself. i wish you many blessings.

  2. It is very artsy…especially the “wild” scribbles. Yeah, if we didn’t know the toddler scribbled…we might have been concerned. 🙂

    Thank you for your extra effort to participate on this one. I might have given up. Loved your comment about looking into your own eyes.

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