For Melody

I know I’m late over here on the West Coast, but I wanted to send some flowers to Melody too.  I’ve only been reading her blogs for a short time  but I am impressed with her willingness to be real and her tenacious hold on hope and the good–even in the midst of very real struggles for her and her family.  Both of her blogs inspire and encourage me. 

So for Melody, a bit of lavender.  I love lavender because it helps me relax and feel a little bit of peace.  I wish her lasting peace–even in the midst of the muckier parts of life.

 And thanks Jenny for collecting our virtual bouquet.


6 thoughts on “For Melody

  1. I adore lavender. When in bubble baths I lie, lavender is my scent of choice. This photo is marvelous…I think a hint of the aroma is detected and I smile. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing in this show of encouragement and caring for me. I’m amazed.

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