So Very Good

The house is sparkling.  The van is presentable.  The groceries are purchased and the “Welcome Home” meals are planned.  My brand new ‘Welcome Home’ outfit is hanging in the closet and the girls’ little outfits are ready and sitting out.  And of course, the “Welcome Home” sign is hung.  We’ve gotten a lot accomplished.

But those aren’t our only accomplishments.  Despite my whining and kvetching and my days of the blahs the past three months haven’t been for nothing.  They have been full.  We’ve lived them.  And much has happened.

I dove into FlyLady and started to de-clutter my life–albeit some days better than others.  I started going to bed more nights feeling less like a failure and more like I was making progress.  And in more ways than just ‘cleaning house.’

I survived a week of not being able to move much farther than the couch when my back went on strike…  The kidlets survived too. 

I got onto a John Eldredge kick and devoured the book Captivating and began working my way through the journal.  I started thinking about myself and about being a woman in a completely new way.

I lost 24 pounds (for a total of 35 I believe).

I made it through the marathon of parenting a two year old and a baby by myself.

We said goodbye to friends who finished their journey with the Navy.

We made new friends thanks to a crazy late-in-the-evening phone call followed by a late-in-the-evening adventure over to check on our neighbor.  Then there were play-dates and dinners and ‘Hey I’m bored, are you?  Wanna do something?’ days.

We leaned on some of our best friends even harder (Thank you for everything, Jamie!).

We played at the beach, at parks, at lavender farms, and at home.

Little Miss turned into a young lady:  Using detailed sentences, dressing herself, gaining more and more independence every day.

Baboo stopped being a newborn.  She learned to roll over and to giggle.  She began really interacting with people and her environment.  She grew so much.

We made it through travelling to Illinois and back–Me with oodles of luggage, an infant, and a toddler.  And a six hour layover.

With the help of two friends at church we laid the groundwork for a ministry for Moms at our church.

Most of all we plugged along.  We marked off the days on the calendar.  We trudged through the blah days and tried to live up the good ones.  We stayed busy.  We took joy in little things like fun meals, fun outings, and fun having tickle fights on the floor.

Three months isn’t very long, but it is long enough.

Tomorrow we’ll find our way into Husband’s arms.  And we’ll remember how it feels to be a complete family again.  We’ll discover in one another these new accomplishments and changes and paths of growth and relearn the rhythms of Husband and Wife–of Mommy and Daddy.

It will be so, so very good.


6 thoughts on “So Very Good

  1. Your post totally made me cry. Thanks for the reminder that God can bring so much good for us, even out of hard times. I especially tend to need this reminder about deployments…

    So glad your hubby is home!! 😀

    And also I can’t forget to add a big congratulations on your weight loss, that is awesome!

  2. Val, My comment is a little late, but I’m thrilled hubby is home again! Congrats on the weight loss, too.

    Oh such excitement!

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