This is the part…

This is the part where I start worrying about crazy stuff.  Like parking on base and whether or not I will find a good spot, like going through the turn-style, like what will happen as we wait around for our sailors to get back.

I worry about when to wake the kids up since we have to be there fairly early to get him, whether or not he’ll be there early (like he was last time) and I won’t be there in time to see him arrive.

I worry about Little Miss having a tantrum right in the middle of it all.

I worry about the fact that the walk-in closet is hardly walk-inable, and the fact that the ‘sentimental dust’ (a la Annie) that I’ve left in the bedroom–you know…  the dust that was there when he left–is still there.

I worry about whether or not Baboo will take to him and whether Little Miss will latch on and not let go or be a little miffed at Daddy for being gone so long.

The butterflies are here full force…  But they mean we really, really are just so very close and so, I’ll take them!


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