Disturbing Mind-bender

I just had a very upsetting thought.

As I was sitting here reliving some of the finer moments of my pre-pubescent life and watching my Doogie Howser 1st Season DVD (my geekdom hath just  been confirmed) it occurred to me that in the not too distant future I could possible live through this scenario:

Upon seeing a doctor who looks rather young and spry I could conceivably make a quip about “Not knowing I was going to be seeing Doogie Howser.”

And it’s conceivable that upon my saying so I would be met with a blank stare…..

Only to find that said young and spry doctor is too young to know who Doogie Howser is.

It could happen.  I am getting old.  Oh the horrors! 

Such a disturbing thought to be met with on a lazy Saturday afternoon.


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