Happy List

57.  Brandi Carlile

58.  Discovering new music that I LOVE

59.  Music in general

60.  Moments of contentment and relaxation after a day of being in a funk

61.  Points in the day when neither of my children are crying…. 

62.  Anything apple-cinnamon

63.  The smell of fall coming

64.  A really doable amount of time until husband comes home

65.  New projects actually going somewhere

66.  Grey’s Anatomy–even if I am highly annoyed with where storylines went last season

67.  New haircuts

68.  New recipes

69.  Nights when I get enough sleep

70.  Stearman airplanes

71.  Baboo’s ticklish spots

72.  puffy white clouds in the sky

73.  Baking bread

74.  Jodi Picoult books

75.  Showers  before bed.

76.  Looking forward to the first date I’ve had with husband in a LONG time coming up in not such a long time.

77.  Dessert that isn’t SO bad for me.

78.  Fruit

79.  My sisters-in-law

80.  Pictures of Husband sleeping with the babies

81.  Wearing skirts

82.  Wearing jeans

83.  Getting to wear smaller sizes of skirts and jeans

84.  Football games in autumn

85.  Little Miss saying, “Football.”

86.  The flames on the flaming goobermobile

87.  Getting all the way warm after being just a little chilly

88.  Playing with husband’s fingernails

89.  Ignoring the housework and going to bed.

90.  Doing that right now.


3 thoughts on “Happy List

  1. Since you’re a fan, you’ve probably read them all, but I’m just curious to know if you’ve read Picoult’s Nineteen Minutes and what you thought, if you did? Because I thought it was her best work yet. Loved it. I mean, the topic was really difficult, of course, but I thought she handled it so well, and I thought her character development was top notch. So? Thoughts?

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