• I think the little botched communication deal is going to result in my neighbor becoming a good friend.  I’d introduced myself before the deployment, but…  we’d both forgotten one another’s names and were too embarassed to re-iniatiate contact…  until now!  I do love making new friends
  • I’m lonely for Husband tonight.  Very lonely.  This time around the numbness has felt like a serious dose of novacaine to my heart–My being seems all consumed by not feeling his goneness.  But tonight, I feel it.  And I want him.  I just do.
  • Little  Miss and I are making some progress in our dealing with her “Very, Very Two” behaviour.  I am staying more patient.  She is learning some control as well.  Still have many a ‘I am such a pathetic failure of a mother’ moment, but I’m also learning how to lean into grace during those.
  • However…  For whatever reason she had a serious case of the wiggles tonight.  And I had a serious case of wiggle intolerance.  I was thankful for bedtime. 
  • Baboo takes a pacifier.   I like it.  I like it a lot.
  • Little Miss suprised me today by singing the Happy Birthday Song when I told her one of her friends turned 2 today.  I had no idea she even knew the Birthday Song. 
  • Baboo is learning how to meaningfully grab at things.  Also, she has such an adorable little thoughtful squishy face.
  • I’m still on a total John Eldredge kick.  I am really soaking into the book Captivating
  • I was totally undone by peanut butter cookies this week.  Totally.
  • Because the peach of a doctor I saw about my back kindly admonished me to work on improving my flexibility and strengthen my postural muscles, I’m doing my old Yoga video for 15 minute increments during the day.  It’s fabulous.  I forgot how much I loved yoga.
  • Everytime I do said yoga video I think of Brandy and Lauren and PE and Yoga in the vestibule.  And also crazy record-player lady saying, “Namiste and welcome to yoga,” and “Slowly lower your leg back to the floooooor” in that freaky-deaky airy little voice of hers.  Ah…  memories.
  • I like the word “Namiste.”  I have read that loosely translated it means, “I salute the God I see in you,” and that when folks of the language and tradition using “namiste” convert to Christianity, they continue to use the greeting. 
  • I’ve been thinking a lot about Brennan Manning saying that there are no neutral encounters….  That we either push people closer to God or further away from them in each and every meeting of another.  I am hoping for the grace to push in the right direction.
  • It is 11:44 which is a delightful clock number really.  And so I think I shall close this and retire. 
  • G’night

3 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. Pacifiers can be good and bad. They were great when Ryan was little. Now that he is a lot older and cannot sleep without one… it is bad! Weaning from that is harder than the bottle.

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