Awaiting His Return

When husband is gone for long stretches, things get all stirred up within me.  I start to think deeply about our marriage and about myself and about my faith.  I almost always realize that I need to go deeper in practice in all three realms.

I love the fact that Marriage is sacramental.  I love that it is a little in-the-flesh, experiential day to day way for God to show himself to us. 

When Husband deploys or is gone for these longer stretches I just plain ache for him.  I stay busy most of the time so as not to feel it, but it catches me unaware when I find myself in a quiet moment or a tired hour.   I just feel this longing for him and for the day he’s in our arms again.

I cross off each day on the calendar (but I try to be very careful not to do any counting of days).  We tick off each little milestone:  another garbage day, another credit card payment, the visit of a friend or relative we’ve been anticipating.  All the time there is this undercurrent of anticipation and hope for the day when our family feels complete again.

And that for me is a sacramental illustration.  It makes me think of The Church awaiting her bridegroom.  It makes me long for heaven and that day when we will see clearly instead of through a glass darkly.  It makes me remember that there is more than this world full of longing.  It reminds me, that I am always anticipating His return.


3 thoughts on “Awaiting His Return

  1. I like the connection you illustrate.. the parallel if you will.. between our earthly marriages, and that of our marraige to Christ as His church…

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