The World According to Me… AND Sandra Boynton

So Gramma K sent us the coolest book and c.d. full of Sandra Boynton silliness.  It’s not often that a c.d. with children’s music on it is actually enjoyable to an adult.  Perhaps the stress is getting to me, but I think I like these songs better than the kids do. 

Or maybe…  maybe they just fit our life: 

For instance….  Tonight:

“But when the world grows quiet, and the evening moon is bright,

we put on pajamas and hug all our mommas,

and never fall asleep all night.  We never fall asleep all night.  We’re singing


Yep…  That sounds familiar.

 Or you know… .  Last night when we went to the special little outdoor concert where Little Miss got the wiggles and louds, and suddenly there was a radius of about 6 feet cleared around us on all sides from people moving…  elsewhere…  (More room for us!).  I removed Little Miss (and me and Baboo too) from the situation to try to regain a little parental control, and ended up hauling a VERY upset Little Miss, a diaper bag, and a Baboo in a baby bucket a quarter mile back to the parking lot.  At that point the soundtrack was:

“I like to fuss.  I like to moan.  I like to stand on my chair and say, ‘LEAVE ME ALONE!’  Don’t bother me……  When everybody more or less, tells me to stop, I go.  When everybbody says the answer is yes, I find myself saying no, no, no!”

And of course, when I just feel like throwing myself a little pity party from missing husband or being frazzled by gremlins and/or toddlers I join in with:

“I like to grump, I like to brood.  I like to stomp all around in a truly terrible mood….”

Yeah….  that’s Little Miss and I all over (and I wonder where she gets it…)

And then there was this afternoon when I put the lid on the cookies we’d made, but Little Miss wanted more.  We just couldn’t help but sing: 

“Oh Chocolate Chip Cookies, so high on the shelf, hiding inside of the jar–I’m not tall enough to reach your myself.  So near, and yet so very far.”

There’s something to sing for every situation.  Little Miss’s sudden fascination with showing off her navel:

“So round, So profound, So great to contemplate…  Belly Belly Button  You’re oh so fine, OOOOO Belly Button I’m so happy you’re mine.”

A naptime song that fits us:

“Go to sleep, my zoodle, my fibblety fitsy foo.  Go to sleep sweet noodle.  It’s time to say, “Achoo.”

I’ve got songs to sing to my Snuggle Puppies, ideas to name future pets (Bob, Bob, and Bob), instructions on increasing mellowness in my life, (Be like a duck…  when the rain starts falling, let it roll off your back.  Open up your beak and go QUACK, QUACK, QUACK.).  And you know, when things get boring there’s always cows in a chorus line, and Undulating chickens from Philadelphia swinging up a storm.

Yep, pretty much all of life is covered by our new Sandra Boynton C.D. 

And if you’re totally lost, or a little weirded out by this post in general all I have to say is: 

“Nobody understands me, Though memmily blitt each day.  Nobody understands me, But I guess zooglobble that way.”

The Owl is whispering, “Moo!” and so I bid you, good night!


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