Happy List Continued

Since, I was such a terrible downer last night, I thought that I would add to the happy list this evening.  By the way, I’m really not that whiny all the time.  That’s what I get for blogging when I should be sleeping, I guess. 

37.  Silly Sandra Boynton songs.

38.  Dancing with the girls to Silly Sandra Boynton songs.

39.  The smell of two clean girls after bath-time.

40.  The way Little miss says, “Deelicious!.” 

41.  Baby Swings.

42.  Packages in the mail for the girls…  Who knew that somebody else’s mail could make me so excited?

43.  Payday.  Thank God for payday.

44.  Lavender Wind Farm

45.  Foamy Soap

46.  Foamy lavender soap.

47.  a tidy living room (it is so NOT that right now)

48.  Huggies diapers…  I especially like the Winnie the Pooh pictures.  I can’t help it.  I just do.

49.  Little everyday events to look forward to.

50.  Outdoor concerts in beautiful places.

51.  Phone calls from Husband.

52.  Looking at “The Daddy Book” with Little Miss and Baboo

53.  When the girls sleep in.  Oh how I love when the girls sleep in.

54.  New involvements at church

55.  Deepening relationships with ‘mommy friends’

56.  Being smart enough to choose sleep over cleaning….  or blogging.

Good night!


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