Tonight I Miss My Husband

Tonight I miss my husband.

I’m here blogging instead of going to bed.  I don’t want to face the thought of slipping underneath the covers without him there to hold me.

I ache to talk to him for longer than a few minutes here or there.  I want to share the details of my day with him, and the cleanup of the kitchen.

It’s been two weeks since our ‘last day’ with him and that is encouraging in some ways…  That’s two weeks we don’t have to do again.  But even for this ‘short one’ there are still so many more days left to cover.

We stay busy, and I have immersed myself in looking forward to the smallest things.  The next meal, or a special treat, a trip to a special place with the girls, or an excursion to go buy ourselves something special.  I even look forward to the time each night when I turn on my trusty old West Wing DVDs and I savor a bit of ‘grown-up TV time.’

I’ve gotten myself involved in a few big projects, set some goals, and done all the things I’m supposed to do to make the time go faster.  To make myself forget that I miss him. 

But I do  still miss him.  I still want his hand to hold.  I still want his eyes to look into.  I still want to fall into his hug at the end of the day.

I want to share the laughing with him.  I want to cry on his shoulder.  I want to see him light up with delight at the joy our daughters bring him, and I want to share a little of the weariness and frustration that come along with the job of parenting too.

I want him.  Plain and simple.

I don’t want to have to wait another second longer.  But I will.  Because waiting is how I love him right now. 


70 thoughts on “Tonight I Miss My Husband

    • Hi..I was just browsing and found this jus took my heart away…I am engaged with my would be..and our relation is almost a husband-wife relation..we have shared lots of momnts tghtr..but he is in london to make his career..till da time we got into relatn, we were toghtr fr jus about 4 mnths..he left for london in 2009 and came to meet me n his family in 2011.It was all jus intrnet and phone calls we wer able to make..he jus met me a few mnths back..but i miss him crazily…he is all set now to marry me..but now we have some issues going on btwen our families…wich are not at all relevant..jus hope to get married to him soon..But I would like to jus add on here that even though we are not married to each other yet but our souls are one..i have waited for him like nything and he also….hope you who are married undrstands this bonding….

      • It’s the eve of Thanksgiving and I am all alone. This is my first Thanksgiving without my husband and it hurts really bad. We had been together for 14 years and just got married the end of September. I lost him 2 weeks later to cancer.He was my soul mate, my best friend and the source of my strength. I just have to keep in mind that he is in a much better place and with his Mom, Dad and brother. He is safe and in no more pain.He is in a place of happiness and love.I know that we will be together again in heaven and I find comfort in this.Our
        paths will meet again. I love you honey!

      • Aww bless you I know what you are going through I found mine had passed. Away at home with a Brain haemorrhage .he had his first one few years back but I was out tryed to get him on his mob phone but no joy just found him just hope he never suffered

  1. Of course, you miss your husband. He’s your soulmate, your partner in this parenting game. I hope that the projects you have set out for yourself help the time to go by quickly!

  2. You will never stop missing him… but that is true love. After 6 months apart (and still over a month to go…), I love my husband more than ever. I can still see his smile, I can still hear his voice, I can still remember his quirks… and I can still (almost) smell him…

    Hang in there… this too shall pass! 🙂

  3. “I don’t want to have to wait another second longer. But I will. Because waiting is how I love him right now.”

    That is such a beautiful thought, thanks for sharing. Here’s hoping that this deployment will pass quickly for you and your daughters.

  4. Hello, you don’t know me but I found your website through google and thought that I would invite you to join us on our message board for Navy husbands and wives We really hope to see you there.

    Mandi and Nita
    (Admins of United by the Navy)

    P.S it is ok to miss the one you love, there would be more to worry about if you didn’t miss him

  5. I found your posting while trying to find something to take up my time. It’s been two months, and I have 11 to go. Going to bed and waking up the next morning is the worst part. He’s not there. I hope you have woman or men in your life that you can lean on. Friends and loved ones have been my strength. Especially those who have dealt with similar situations. I pray for you, myself, and everyone else in our shoes.

  6. Yeah, very difficult time. My hubby has been gone 3 months. Thank god for our 3 sons keeping me busy with sports and activities. Still at the end of each night I have a hard time crawling into bed by myself. This is silly, but I sleep with two of his shirts that still have a little bit of his “smell” on them. I just can’t put them in the washer yet. We have very supportive fam & friends, always asking what they can do for me. The only thing I want…. noone can give me. MY HUSBAND!! Love & prayers

  7. I know how you feel. I have exactly the same emotions except mine is never coming home. You can at least look forward to the hugs again.

  8. “I want him. Plain and simple.”

    The sleeping in the same bed gets me. The funny thing is … my husband snores, is a hog with the covers and takes up most of the bed. He is a crab when our one-year old wakes up and thrashes around constantly ……………. yet, he is mine. And I love him and miss him.

  9. I was truly touched reading your thoughts about your mom on your other blog site. I can relate as my mom died of cancer 2 days before my 26th birthday in November of 2005. I still experience bouts of grief and pain in random moments. I was at a doctor’s appt. being screened who asked me about my family history, and started explaining to the woman who was treating me that my mom had died from skin cancer and completely lost it. I don’t know that there will ever be a time where you just “get over it.” She was a part of my life that I will never forget, and it hurts more because I loved her so deeply. I won’t trade the 26 years I had with anyone else who doesn’t have a relationship at all with their mom. I just wanted to say that you touched me in your writing and that I, too understand what you shared. I’m a naval officer and wife, and know what you are going through.

    • I was touched by your post on July 19, 2008 for more than one reason…. The death of you mom .. dr.’s appt…and breaking down while giving a history of your family…. Most of all though I just broke down reading your post more because just seeing the date ….my beloved left this earth for his Heavenly Home June 28th, 2008… our home state. It was just about the middle of July when I had to return home………to a very empty home…..alone……forever alone…. I sit here tonight crying from the loneliness of missing his hugs, everything…..going to bed alone…..I slept with a Teddy bear he gave me ….. poor teddy is getting worn after all the years now but he gives me comfort. I also sleep in my hubby’s T-shirts……all these things give me some comfort. I broke down in a Hair Salon…I had been just talking about my husband to the hair dresser……and little space in the conversation and I spoke of him again. She commented that my face just lit up when I talked about him.. We were married almost 54 years and dated for 4 years……..such a big part of my life.

      • Mary, I can tell that you loved your husband in one of those rare and special ways. I’m so sorry for your loss, but I’m grateful that you shared a piece of you and your love for him here with me.

  10. I miss my huisband loads too. And it’s only Day 1 yet. Long way to go yet. We don’t have any children yet, and my family and friends live very far away. I am new to this town and I don’t know anyone here. I cannot stop crying and am scared I won’t be able to cope without him. I have lots of tasks but cannot focus.

  11. I miss mine too. Reading your message brought tears to my eyes. I know mine will be home, but the days are so long and the nights are even longer. I miss his smile, his touch, his horrible sense of humor and the way he would leave his dirty underthings lying about. He has been gone before for longer periods of time then this. Why do I miss him so much this time?

  12. Just know that he WILL be coming home, hold on to that. And when he does, cherish every moment with him. Mine won’t be coming home, tomorrow it will be 3 months since he passed away and every day I wish he would walk through that door and every day I realise more and more that he won’t ever be able to do that. Be kind to yourself.

  13. ya i understand. my husband left town just yesterday and i have been busy with work. but my heart is sinking at the thought that he is so far from me. i have cried a lot today. and writing this blog i am feeling all the more depressed.i googled “i miss my husband” and reached this site.when i talk to him on phone i feel worse because i realize that he is not here

  14. Well I think that you have taken the thoughts right out of my mind. My Husband has only been gone for a week but I know theres 4 more months with out him and it just makes me so sad. I need to see him and be near him everyday. My little girl tells me she loves me then says in a sad voice I love daddy, I tell her I know hunny we can talk to daddy tonight after he is done work. I will try and stay busy to make the time pass but really it just seems to stand still. I love my husband and he truly is the best man in the world.

  15. i really love my hubby he has gone to mumbai to pay visit to shirdi he will be coming back on monday but i have started missing him 4rm now i cant live without him i love him……

  16. My guy is gone for three weeks, then home for three weeks, then gone for 14 months. Those three weeks home are such a blessing and yet . . .they keep me from fully getting into “alone” mode. I wouldn’t trade them for the world mind you, but I’m struggling with this in-between gone. Struggling to love from afar when 8 minutes of talking in three days seems so very inadequate. Struggling more because it’s far more than I will get in those 14 months he’s gone. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, at least I know my struggles are “normal”.

  17. To a Navy wife from an Army wife,
    I’m sitting here, miserable and bored, and happened across your blog. I know that this entry was written a couple years ago, but it meant a lot to me. I know that I’m not the only one whose husband is deployed and know that it won’t be the last time, but sometimes, it’s just nice to know that I’m not the only one who has trouble sleeping at night because my husband isn’t home. That I’m not the only one who just wants to be able to call him or tell him about my day or laugh about the stupid things we used to laugh about. I hope that your husband isn’t underway and that you can do all those things now. If he is underway, I hope he comes home soon and safe.

    • You make my eyyes teary. Sorry to here that.
      We got the same name and the same feeling. Iam here sitting, cannot sleep thinking about my husband and happened to cross this blog. iu am new to this situation. I havent seen him for 8 months now and been missing him badly even we talk everyday before we go to bed (yeah! expensive phone bills). For me that wasn’t enough. We have a baby that keeps me busy the whole day but i can’t stop thinking about him whenever I play, feed and bathe our daughter. I want him here to share my moments to our daughter. It is really hard but I know one day we will be together and cherish every moment.
      God bless us. And hang on.

  18. My husband left this morning for California. He is not in the marines or navy or the army. He works for the government and they are sending him over there to work at the shipyard in San Diego, he has done this twice before but never for this long. He will be gone for 3 months this time and for some reason I am having a really hard time with it. I drove him to the airport this morning and cried all the way home. I dindn’t even go to work today because I feel so depressed, which is probably the worst thing I could have done because now I’m just sitting in our house missing him more then ever. I hate that every day when I get home from work now he won’t be here..but I also feel lucky that he will be coming home eventually, I can’t imagine ever losing him. He is the love of my life and I can’t wait to see his gorgeous smile again.

  19. I am sitting and going through the memories of our “last night”. Taking advantage of every minute with him, knowing he will have to leave in few hours.
    He’s gone for a week, but this is the first time when have been separated since we got married.
    3 more days left to go and I will see him again, he will hold me in his arms, but now I am alone, I miss him and I am scared. Talking to him for few minutes a day just makes everything worse. Sometimes I doubt that he misses me and that makes me desperade.
    I wish he were here.

  20. I also miss my husband he is in the army and we have three beautiful children i try my best to make the time go by fast but it feels like forever i am so emotional and i feel like i have a whol in my chest sometimes i cry and somtimes i feel like crying when people start talking about it i have so many things that i am feeking but cannot seem to find the right words i miss doing things with him and i just wanna feel his arms around me again i miss him so much it hurts but i am very proud of him and i love him

  21. I am happy that I saw your blog, I know how u feel. My husband is away from me too, I miss him so much, I need him around, I cry a lot at nights because he is not there to whole me

  22. i miss my husband. he has gone for 33 days and forever. Our love is so strong and i feel so lost without. I miss him day and night. We are married for 20 months and we have yet to share alot of things. A man who is 38 yrs old is gone forever and a woman who is 31 years old is lost. I miss you dear and i will love you forever.

  23. i miss my husband so much and hes only been gone one day.Hes going to be gone for six weeks and i dont know how to cope without him!Im all alone in our flat and the thought of him not being here makes me feel so depressed. I dont know how im going to survive this…

  24. My husband just left today :_( He is in the Navy and is on deployment, he was able to take leave for two weeks and spend x-mas w/us. It had been 9 long months since I last seen him in person. Thank god for technology though! I’d been dreading this day, but we only have 7 months to go of his deployment. I was feeling horrible before reading this, but it helps to know we’re not alone. Thanks to everyone for the kind words of encouragement! This helped me as well : )

  25. Thanks for this…I was feeling very down not knowing what is reaaly going on but it is soothing knowing I am not alone. Thank you…maybe I can sleep tonight

  26. I know that this was written a while ago, but i’m new to blogging and new(ish) to life with my Sailor. He is deployed at the moment and I am 3 months into a 9 month deployment and finding it really hard…
    I cried at your post, and at the comments left by others but it was a sort of happy, relief, type cry. Just to know that even though I am incredibly proud of him I am not alone in missing him and dreading the climb into bed alone. Thank you for your blog I hope I can be as honest in mine. B

  27. I am crying reading this 😦 My husband has gone away for 12 days to visit family and Im really struggling without him. I keep telling myself that he will be home soon but the days and nights go so slowly when hes not here 😦
    Big hugs to everyone x

  28. I’ve only been able to spend 3 weeks with my husband over the 6 month that we’ve been married.. It’s the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to do, and I pray every night that once this is all over, and we’re together again, that he’ll never have to leave me again… I couldn’t do it. I was such an independent, strong-willed girl before I met him.. he stole my heart and soul, and now I can’t operate without him.. He’s my entire world… It helps to know that there are any people out there struggling to sleep without their husbands tonight. May God reunite us all with our loved ones soon… Amen.. My thoughts are with you all x

  29. I know that it was written some years ago, but it was so nice that i couldn’t stop myself from writing. I am married for 4 years and at the moment i live in austria for a six month period as a sabbatical, It has been 2.5 month since i left the country, during the last 2 weeks my husband came here and we went on a vacation around europe, It was the best trip ever for me. he left this evening. the weather in the city which i live is rainy and sad and I can not stop crying. I can’t imagine that i should live without him for another 3.5 month and i missed him today at the airport at the moment he left. He is the love of my life, my best friend, my family, my soulmate, my husband. I love him soooooooooooooooooo much.

  30. I have been with my boyfriend for 1 year and 8 months. Every christmas and summer break he leaves me for America. This summer he will be there for 5 weeks and then I will join him. I do not know what I am going to do without him for 5 weeks! Last summer was the worst time of my life as I was so depressed. It’s ok when he goes away for christmas as that is only 3 weeks, but this is almost twice as long and I will be constantly sad 😦 He was my first boyfriend and is the love of my life.

  31. I only am able to see my husband every 3 or 4 months. It is terribly hard just getting through every painstaking minute, and it seems all I do is think of him & cry.
    My family is sympathetic, but no one quite understands the pain unless they’ve experienced separation from loved ones themselves.
    I keep going as well as I can, as that is all I can do until his return.

  32. Have read this a few times now and can empathise – my husband left six weeks ago and I feel something is missing. Nothing can replace the emptyness. Everyday I think of him and miss him.

  33. Why did I read this just now? Your message thouched me cause I am in the same shoes. I am missing my man so much. How are you now?

  34. Tonight I am feeling so depressed. My husband of 11 months has been away at training. He’s been gone 4 weeks and will be home in 2…but it feels like he’s never coming home, and that the time is so long. It feels good and it is comforting to know that although other army wives are strong, they still feel like this sometimes. I wish he was here.

  35. Hi..I was just browsing and found this jus took my heart away…I am engaged with my would be..and our relation is almost a husband-wife relation..we have shared lots of momnts tghtr..but he is in london to make his career..till da time we got into relatn, we were toghtr fr jus about 4 mnths..he left for london in 2009 and came to meet me n his family in 2011.It was all jus intrnet and phone calls we wer able to make..he jus met me a few mnths back..but i miss him crazily…he is all set now to marry me..but now we have some issues going on btwen our families…wich are not at all relevant..jus hope to get married to him soon..But I would like to jus add on here that even though we are not married to each other yet but our souls are one..i have waited for him like nything and he also….hope you who are married undrstands this bonding….

  36. hey…I was just surfing through when I got to see your blog… Its immensely written and it took my heart out for you.. Due to my career commitments I am moving to another city for job (for around 6-8 months) which is like 10 hrs away from where my husband stays.. I dunno how I am gonna live coz I am soooo used to him being around always.. But after reading your blog I find my problem like a small ant.. Thanks!!
    I hope your husband sometimes get to see your blog.. I am sooo sure that tears will surely roll down his eyes! I really dunno what else to say…
    May God gives you all the strength and power to face all difficulties in life!! God bless

  37. I agree with you Avantika..may god bless each of us to bear that pain which really is making our lives difficult..For me, my marriage is still between both the families..(See my comment above) but we are like husband n wife…it’s been 2 yrs i m waiting to get married to him n he too…god is testing our patience like nything….

  38. I miss mine so much…i am in Kenya and he is currently working in saudi arabia…it has been two years now since he left…we tok almost daily using skype so i get to see him somehow…….he has about 6 more months to go..n now am counting the days….i am praying for a safe journey for him….and God to bring him back home to my hands….i miss him my friend…my soul mate…..i love him….i simply do……….Thanks for sharing.

  39. I understand how you feel….my husband died 16 years ago and not a day goes by that I don’t miss him! My life has gone on, but he was my BEST friend and I will never, ever forget our life together:)

    • and today would have been his 42nd birthday so I still celebrate his birthday, makes me miss him even more, but also makes me feel good to remember the special times we had:)

      • My husband often makes comments about how I’ll outlive him a number of times over. My family is all fairly long-lived (my grandparents were both 98 when they died) while his family seem to all go around 60-70. It absolutely kills me when he jokes about it, I can’t imagine my life without him.

        I’m so glad you have so many wonderful memories of your husband. 🙂

  40. Hi, My husband is in SF, and I am in LA. We’ve been married only for 4 months. We miss each a lot….. I wanted to be strong by looking at other people’s experiences . Thank you

  41. I know this blog was made a long time ago, but it touched my heart. Im a new army wife, I have been married for 17 days and i only had two days with my husband, he has been gone for a while now and Im having trouble dealing with it. I miss him so much. His touch, his smell, the sound of his voice I cant wait to see him agin, our son misses him too. I pray every wife out there gets the chance to see there husband soon…

    • i really miss my a seafarer’s wife its so hard for me everytime he left us.i really miss my husband and i love him so much

  42. I’m also, like the many other ladies on here, Missing my husband very dearly. It has only been a day yet it feels like eternity. All i’ve been doing is cry my eyes out, I don’t know what to do or how to keep myself busy. Talking to him on the phone makes me even more sad, I cried for hours today whilst on the phone to him. Not knowing when we will be together is even more painful. I cant eat, sleep, talk to anyone, even watching TV hurts because it reminds me of all the times we would fight for the control. Not having any family support makes it more difficult. I feel as though my heart is crying for him and as though someone has cut off a big piece of me, there is such a big feeling of emptiness inside me right now. I GOOGLED I miss my husband and came across this blog, I hope someone can shed some hope in my mind because right now this journey feels too complicated and I don’t think I can survive…….

    • I miss him too :'(.it has been 4 months and a half without him.i hope the time will go faster.i hope my husband is with me when I deliver this little one inside my tummy.sometimes when I got cramp,i cried all I can.not bcoz of the cramp,but the pain inside my heart that he is not with me.never tired waiting for the coverage every time he arrives at new port.listening to his voice,reading his long text messages n looking him in mms make me feels much better.i know that God is always with us.i love him all my life.

  43. I’m sorry for everyone here. I’ll be leaving for school, away from my love, in 2 days. I won’t see him except for holidays. I’m dreading the moment we have to say goodbye. I will miss his smile, his gentle hugs, and just him. The way he can cheer me up after a rotten day is wonderful, and I won’t have that support for almost a year. I savor every minute I have with him now. When I say “I’m coming back” he says “I’ll come get you” Almost makes me cry when he says it. I’m already missing him so badly.

  44. Aww… that’s just so sweet. I miss my husband too.. miss his touch, his hugs, holding his hand an sleeping next to him.. three more days to go for me to be with my hubby, but simply cant wait… ur blog really had me in tears.

  45. I miss my husband, he works alot and I try not to be to demanding or depressed when I see him. I have crafts and like to visit with the elderly. I think God has prompted me to use my gift of singing to be a balm to those in nursing homes that are lonely. I am not sure how to ask for money as all of the driving is costly and that is why my husband works two jobs( we have 4 children) I pray that you all would use whatever gift you have to be there for others. It will fulfill you and others. Grace and Peace

  46. i also can relate to all people sharing there feeling’s of this site… It make’s me cries & feel sad… Coz i also miss my husband… Before we got married.. My Honey..MyHusband is living in the US were just had normal feeling’s for chating on computer_ Just knowing eachother having a good conversation’ calling at me.. Then finally we got in relationship April 4 2013,On that time i am so much happy… Then he proposed on me in computer that will you marry me April 26 2013.. So i dont say no _ because i like him, i love him so much , Even we didn’t meet…. He seriously go here in my place where i lived in philippines… And that will my pleasure because that will be the one i prayed to the lord … That please give me a chance to hold him_ to kiss him _ To feel what’s inside of myself… and the lord’s answer my prayer’s … After that when we meet in philippine’s,I feel so comfortable with him and i feel full of love of him without a doubt him… Again he proposed on me for the second time in front of cebu church. We lived in our apartment for almost one month.. I miss the thing we do, sharing a good thing’s and bad thing’s moment’s.. He is so much sweet with me.. He give’s all love that i cant compare with other man… I have nothing to say a bad thing’s with my husband.. He is so much good with me.. He love’s me so much , he sweet, handsomed very loving, hard working, a decent guy… The most part i miss him how he is so much sweet with me _ How he love me so much.. The way he hold my hand’s wherever ill go,we go in church lighting a candles,we walked going in the beach,They have a sweetest thing’s with the table while eating.. hugs me a lot, kiss me a lot, making love with me all the time.. & i miss his pillow arms… You know, what i am saying to my self .. Is this? what i want in my life … My world is turning with him… I thought my happiness will not gonna be end.. But when we get married.. I feel so much sad on that time in our marriage we dont have time for honeymoon,Because he need’s to back on his place.. That was too much hard & diffult for me……Because youved learn a lot’s of thing’s that he is alway’s been there on your side, Then how fast he left me alone in the apartment… It makes so much hard and difficult for me to stay alone here now… I feel so crazy and cries a lot… i am asking myself how ill stand up to be like this marriage after that day marriage June 11.. 2013 at morning then after a few hours he will go back on his place… I am not ready to let him go , i feel so much weak while sending there in airport.. I cried a lot… I dont want to missed that minutes and hour that, i hug him tight .. 😥 😥 i dont want him to let go but he need to back there for his work… I feel so much depressed when ill be alone in the road_ I let my tears falling down while waiting taking of the plane… Ill said to myself when we meet again… I hope we meet soon and never been apart… 😥 i feel my heart is breaking in a small pieces… Now when i am here in apartment i feel so much sad, and weak, i feel so much crazy, coz i miss the thing’s he been around with me…The table,food’s ill prepared with him ,his stuff in our apartment, & also the we lay on the bed…. i miss my honey so much… I love him so much & really missing a lot……and now we are having faith and hoping with our voice call, messaging in phone, messaging here in computer… But i cant help to cry and sad because when the time i need him, i feel scared he is not with me to protect me and hug me a lot…. I miss you honey….. I hope everything’s gonna be alright come here soon my love i am waiting with you honey…. Your wife is missing you so much……I love my husband until the day end of time……

  47. It’s a great thing to see there is still great honest lovers in this world. I’m a guy who couldn’t be under one roof with my fiance yet due to our careers. I miss her so much and when I talk to her I feel the same pain in her voice too. I wish this to end quickly and be together with my one and only darling soon. Wish your alone times will pass and you will be with him ASAP.

  48. I miss my wife and kids also I know exactly how you feel … I am working out of town right now … But I keep my head up and stay positive … I love my family more than anything !! I talk to them as frequent as I can I know things will get better God willing ! Stay positive !!!

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    Julie Deshields.

  50. I feel the same way to! My husband just passed away 1 month ago! And I can’t sleep! I’ve lost a lot of weight! And I really really miss him! I lost a daughter 20 years ago! She was only 17. She passed away 7 day’s after her 17th birthday! So now I have lost two of them to cancer! We found out my daughter had cancer at 13 and she lived! Till 17 and we found out my husband had cancer! And he lived for only 2 months! I keep praying to god!! And I’m mad at him! Right now! How can a god? Take away our love one’s! Our daughter suffered for 5 yesr’s! Then passed! And then my husband in two month’s! I know how u feel! And I’m very sorry for your loss! All I can do? Is keep praying to god!! I don’t no what to do with my self any more! We have 1 grandaughter! That we raised! From birth! I think that’s y! I’m still here! Because she needs me! If she wasn’t here! I think’ I would be gone to! She’sy world! My only reason to live! At this point! Hanging in there! Look at your children! And that’s’ the reason to live! Because that’s my reason for living! Take care! God bless and wacth over you always! Aloha lani

  51. I miss my husband so much. Its been 5days. I went to see him yesterday and all he says is give him a couple of weeks n that he needs his space. My insecurities took over my marriage. I haven’t text or called him all day today, because I know it’ll make it worse. I love this man to death, but I blame myself for our break. My mother always told me to love myself first, before I can love anyone else. I will try my hardest to not text or call him. Its hard for me, but I know I need to fix myself if anything. I love your blog and I know exactly what you’re going through.

  52. I miss my husband too. He’s out there we are separated. Things have taken place I never asked for. I feel like half of me is gone. How do you move on when you love someone so much. I’m impatient I want God to give me answers now. Please tell me how to get through the pain. I have our children and a hand full of family and friends but the one I miss is him.

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