Relief is one of those emotions that can come cropping up at the most bizarre, and seemingly inappropriate times.  So here it comes again:

I am relieved to have finally started this deployment.

We knew this one was coming down the pike for quite a while…  Ok, so we didn’t know it 11 months ago when we decided to try for Baboo 2, but soon after that they landed the news in our laps.  Then they told us there would be a different deployment to a sandier locale instead of this one.  Then they cancelled that and went back to the original schedule.

And all the way through there was the dread, and the raincloud that followed us along because that blip-turning-into-a-mountain known as ‘deployment’ was always on the horizon.

Now…  Now homecoming is on the horizon.  We’re at the beginning, so it’s farther away than I’d like it, but soon it will become less of a blip too.

I’ve told Little Miss that we will be seeing Daddy around the time that we can go pick pumpkins.  Guess what Little Miss asks to do about 5 times an hour?  That’s right.  Pick pumpkins.

As we wait for those pumpkins to grow and ripen, we’re going to keep ourselves busy.  We’ll have good days and bad days.  Times when we have fun, and times when we cry missing Daddy (and my love).  And, of course there will be those times when I have the pleasure of crying fits and meltdowns in stereo and just want it all to be over.

But we’ll get through it.  And eventually the relief will be totally appropriate, as husband will be in our arms again.


5 thoughts on “Relief

  1. I know exactly how you feel… actually… kind of. My ex-husband and I never had children. That constant feeling of waiting can just stretch on and on. I’ll be praying for you guys. 🙂

  2. I get the ‘just leave already’ feeling. My husband is not in the service, so I am not going to say that I understand entirely what you’re going through, but mine travels out of the country and I really hate it! He just came back from Hong Kong, but in the weeks before he left I was feeling like you were. I always tell him that the sooner he leaves, the sooner he’ll be home. Once he leaves, I can count the times until he comes back, not until he leaves which is better.
    I was just at a Parent-Tot swim class, while my hubby was away, and I was feeling sorry for myself and missing him like crazy. Well, another mother said her husband is in Iraq and won’t be home for a year! And she’s PREGNANT! Yah…THAT is sacrifice. All of you military spouses have my admiration. You give up your spouses so that my family and others are lucky enough to live in this wonderful FREE country. God bless you and your husband. And thank you.

  3. It will be pumpkin picking time before you know it! Make small milestones – things to look forward to each week. And the calendar crossing off thing works really well with the kiddo’s.

    ps- and I’ll be here to cheer you on! and a listening ear if you need to vent… don’t hesitate to email me.

  4. Stumbled over from Spousebuzz…
    I’m right there with you in the deployment thing. Ours is gone for a year and I’m counting down until reunion already, which is bad because it’s really a long way away! Good luck to you!

  5. It’ll be nice to have that “appropriate relief” again. I’m not sure how long your husband is gone for, but mine just left for 6 months and I try to remember that every passing day is a day closer to seeing him again.
    However, I don’t have a child (or one on the way), so hang in there!!

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