Today’s Happy List

That’s right folks, I’m bringin’ it back.

Those who knew me in High School and College will remember The Happy List.  On it, I wrote down little and big things that made me happy.  In the name of not having anything better to blog about, I shall begin the happy list anew, right here on this blog.  Look for future installments on other days when I have nothing better to blog about.

  1.  Baboo 2’s dimple.
  2.  Her alfalfa haircut.
  3. The sweet little grunts that she makes.
  4. The way that she stretches when she is waking up.
  5.   The way Little Miss says, “Snuggle.”
  6. The way LM says her own name.
  7. Caramel Turtle Ice Cream at Baskin Robbins
  8. Baking
  9. New recipes
  10. Discovering the ‘wow’ factor of getting a massage.
  11. Husband being home.
  12. Taking a nap with Baboo 2.
  13. Snugging in bed with Baboo 2, LM, and Chester the Cat–also Husband when he is home.
  14. Sun spots out in the yard.
  15. Sun-breaks.
  16. Picking berries at the bay.
  17. Freezing berries.
  18. Baking with berries.
  19. The feeling of eating berries and baked goods made from scratch and made with fruit that we picked ourselves.
  20. Emails from friends.
  21. LM playing dress up when I do the laundry (today she wore a green pajama top with a blue dress-jumper turned inside out and a pair of my green socks with otters on them pulled up to her knees for most of the day).
  22. When Husband cleans the bathroom, and I don’t have to.
  23. Exercise.
  24. The feeling of not being pregnant….. 
  25. Rolling over in bed without having to choreograph it.
  26. Using Momisms in everyday life.
  27. The feeling of a freshly mopped floor (if only I mopped more often and could thus feel it frequently).
  28. “New Sheets Night” and the delight it brings my husband each week.
  29. Reading ‘Just one more’ story to Little Miss at bedtime.
  30. LM singing songs and doing all the motions.
  31. Lavendar
  32. Discovering new freckles on Little Miss.
  33. Baboo 2 making sweet sounds that are not cries.
  34. Spooning with Husband.
  35. Lansinoh products
  36. Sleep….

And now it is time for me to indulge in a little of item #33 (and also maybe some of item #31).  G’night!


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