Not Even Bird Mortality Can Ruin These Things!

Despite the chronicle of bird mortality written below, I’m feeling much better (at least in moments where I don’t feel like I’m just way freaking in over my head with the toddler and the newborn…). 

Just when I thought that I wasgoing to be totally overcome by the muddly feelings, we got really smart and got ourselves out of the house.  We went to a little town nearby and tried out a new restaurant.

Trying out restaurants in this part of the country is rather disappointing, when you grew up on good old Midwestern greasy-spoon family style restaurants with delectable delicacies like perfectly browned grilled-cheeses on Texas toast and crinkly fries.  Husband and I have long been convinced that ‘northwestern cuisine’ just means “Mediocre and overpriced.”  And for crying out loud–who puts Grilled-Cheese sandwiches on fancy schmancy bread with crunchy oats and grains in it and who wants weird cheese on such a sandwich??? (for the record I generally like crunchy oats and grains, but there is no place for them  on such a staple sandwich, ok?)?  It’s GRILLED CHEESE!!!!

So anyway, we saw this little drive in place that looked worth trying. 

And…  it was.

It had normal grilled cheese, with sourdough bread, and just the right melty kind of cheese.  And crinkly fries.  And root beer.  And reasonable prices. 

It had…  little red baskets and greasy waxed paper.

It had regular plain old burgers that weren’t so tall that you couldn’t hold them your hands or even get a decent bite out of one.

And on top of all that….  It had MALTS.

We ate there, and it was good…  We have found a new restaurant.  We experienced much giddiness over this.

The next day, some folks from the Bible Study that I attended these last nine months or so came by and surprised me with the most amazing gift:  Apparently all of my fellow-class members chipped in and bought me a one hour massage.

Can you believe that???  A one hour massage!!!!  I’ve never had a massage before.  I’m in heaven just thinking about it.  A whole hour of…  relaxation and pampering just for me!!!  I can’t wait!!!!  AND, I was so incredibly taken aback by the generosity and thoughtfulness of these wonderful people who I had the privilege to study with.   

Sometimes even little things can dig you out of the muddle, and get you off of the pity pot.


8 thoughts on “Not Even Bird Mortality Can Ruin These Things!

  1. I know what you mean about midwestern meals! I’ve also been where you are with the toddler and newborn combination. I al so impressed with your church group. A massage as a gift is just the best gift ever, especially after you’ve had a baby. Get that massage, and have a little ‘me’ time!!!

  2. I just read another one of your posts. I was you two years ago. The flashbacks of my mom and missing her so much. And feeling like I should be blissed out, but I wasn’t. You can read my blog achive June 2005+ and read some of my entries from them. Now I had PPD, but a lot of my feelings were the same. May God bless you with peace and some sleep soon! It gets better. It does. Having my second child was so hard for me. Two kids are way more than double the work. Be kind to yourself.

  3. Haha, the reason I hadn’t noticed my self-reference was because I read the title and thought, hmm, maybe this particular blog isn’t for me. So I did something unusual and skipped it.

  4. That is awesome… enjoy it! Just make sure to drink lots of water ahead of time and especially afterwards! Massages will relax your muscles so much that you might feel dizzy afterwards – and dehydrated. Have fun!!!

  5. Hi Val…I read your comments about the Army Wives show on Lifetime. I’d like to say ” Welcome to the Club…the Army Wives Club…if you would like to learn Army stuff locate the Army Community Service (ACS) and enroll in Army Family Team Building (AFTB) classes. The first level is a great starter for new wives. If you need anything please do not hesitate to ask another spouse or you can email me directly. I’m always here to help!! Don’t be scared…everyone started out where you are…some of us just had more practice growing up as brats….


  6. Hi Angel! Thank you! Actually, I think it might have been the comment below mine at SpouseBuzz that you meant to reply to. I’m actually a Navy wife. 😉 Thanks for your kindness though!

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