Double Daughter Cuteness

Just to show that I’m not all gloom-glut, here are some bits of double daughter cuteness:

Baboo 2 has her own little process of deciding whether or not she wants to wake up….  First, she opens one eye just a tiny bit so you see just the slit of her pretty little eye-ball.  She looks right, looks left, and you can see her considering, “Does this look like a good time to be awake?”  If she decides it might  be, she opens the other eye just slightly, and looks with both–left, right, “Is it really worth it to wake up right now?”  Then she flutters her eyes, yawns, and wakes up.

Little Miss starts most mornings with calls of…  well first with calls of, “Nilk!  Nilk PLEASE!”  Then after she gets her milk, it’s a constant stream of “Har?!  Har?!”  In case you don’t know Little Miss speak that translates to:  “Hold her?   Hold her?”  I *told you* she *does* like her little sister (take that all you people who told me she’d be ready to get rid of her after a week)!

Along with “Har?!  Har?!” we often hear Little Miss ask for a “Psiss” and tuck her top lip under her bottom lip.  Translation this time:  I want to kiss you! (or sister, or the cat).

Baboo 2 doesn’t cry at night when she wants fed, she just grunts (yes folks…  she’s definitely got a whole new temperment wholly different from her sister’s!).

Little Miss is as enthralled with Baboo 2’s bouncy seat as Baboo is–probably more so…  We’re lucky so far, she hasn’t catapulted her baby sister across the room…. yet…. 

Little Miss thoroughly enjoys her new sandbox.  Incidentally, each time she visits it she feels the need to ingest at least a scoop-full of sand….

So far my biggest ‘worry factor’ with Baboo 2 has been the fear that she isn’t producing a good enough number of dirty-diapers.  Yes, you heard right.  So far the poop gods are smiling down upon us (don’t worry the rule of mommy fairness is bound to catch me some way soon).  And yes this means that I’m not nearly as paranoid the second time around.  But I am still a little paranoid.

Baboo 2 has at least one dimple.  Husband is sure that means that she must have two…  But I’m only convinced of one.  I’m in love with the dimple.

We’re still not used to using words like ‘girls’ and ‘kiddos’ with those beautiful ‘s’es on the end, and Husband and I find ourselves stumbling and smiling each time we utter them.  On the flip-side, we do have those moments of looking around going, “Holy cow!  We have TWO kids?!!  How did THAT happen?”

Ok, so now that you’re sick to your stomach with all of the maternal gooeyness, feel free to read the whine below and be assured that at least I strive for balance.


2 thoughts on “Double Daughter Cuteness

  1. Well…

    If you really don’t know how THAT happpened I would be happy to explain…

    It happens when your husbands pants hang on the end of the bed *wink*

    Congratulations on your new addition. I am sooooo glad that the girls are getting along!

  2. I was going to make a comment similar to the one above but I resisted 😉

    I looked at the pics on your other blog. Your daughters are absolutely adorable! I love reading about all your thoughts surrounding motherhood, even the not so great parts. It’s all a part of the joy.

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