Childhood Cancers

Here’s another of the underfunded and underrepresented cancer-groups that so often gets left behind or looked over.  This group is one that it’s probably easier not to look at because it’s just so scary, and let’s face it.  It just sucks that we live in a world where kids get cancer.

They need us to be aware.  They need us to know their stories and to take up their cause.  They need a voice too.  Lizard Eater has helped me to see that when we talk about ‘cancer’ with the trumpets and bright yellow of Lance Armstrong (and kudos for him for getting us talking about it!)  but forget about the young people who also deal with the disease, we do them a great disservice.  Especially because childhood cancers are a whole new ballgame compared to those that afflict adults. 

She has helped me to see that there is more to the story than bald headed, big-eyed St. Jude’s commercials. 

See what Lizard Eater, a UU Minister and the mother of Little Warrior who battled a Wilm’s tumor as an infant, has to say about childhood cancers.

 More here.


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