Status Report

Despite my conspicuous absence, there is no baby here yet. 

Rather, I have not been able to sit in front of the computer for several days because my back is so screwed up.  In fact, for a few days I was having trouble even walking or getting out of bed or off of the couch.  Thanks to Tylenol with Codeine (oh miracle of miracles!), I am doing marginally better, though I still wander around at a snails pace and can’t lift or bend.

Today I feel “funny.”  I haven’t decided if it’s early labor or codeine reaction.  Any guesses from the peanut gallery? 

When I can sit longer and think a little better, perhaps I’ll write some deeper reflections.

For now I’m just recovering and waiting for baby who is “due” this coming Sunday.  We’ll see what she decides.


3 thoughts on “Status Report

  1. Angie, Clayton, and Trevor came to see my new house on Monday night and Angie and I were speculating. “oh, it’s been 5 days since she posted on her blog.” Of course, Angie is dying to know the name. 😉 But, then, I can’t wait either!!! Hope you can relax and feel better. Love and prayers.

  2. I felt funny before delivery too, but more uncomfortable than anything. Good luck. Waiting is so hard when you’re down to the last days! many prays from Maine for you guys.

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