Random Bits of Pregnant Incoherence

  • Yes, Husband is home.  And I am just so very, very thankful.  I feel like an entirely new woman.  Part of that may be due to the fact that the ‘allergies’ are going away.  But mostly it’s because…  my husband is home.  And that makes me so very happy. 
  • He brought me fudge, and Moose socks, and a stuffed otter….  Yay! 
  • I really just can’t stop hugging him and trying not to turn into a little gelatinous moosh-pile.
  • We’ve been busy already.  We went to see tulips on Monday, and yesterday we went to the zoo for a ‘celebrate Little Miss day’.  I had a hormonal moment where I started crying because I had forgotten the digital camera.  *sigh*  Yay for hormones.  Little Miss had a wonderful time.  She especially liked the monkeys.  I especially liked the hippos and the gorillas and the penguins.  We took a special pilgrimage to the penguins because of the kinship I feel due to my very own penguin waddle.  And, And….  Can I just say that I was rather impressed with myself for walking all over a zoo yesterday?  I felt like quite the ambitious full-term pregnant lady.  Alas, it did not bring on contractions.
  • So…  one of the pitfalls of military medicine is that the doctors deploy too.  I  mentioned briefly in my previous post that my doctor has been called up.  Whether she will be in the country when the baby decides to make an appearance is anyone’s guess.  Whether she will be available and not in training is also anybody’s guess.  I saw another doctor for my 38 week appointment on Monday–and we like him.  He happens to be the doc who delivered Little Miss.  He explained the situation a bit, and let us know that us pregnant women who opt to deliver with a family practitioner are now being split between just TWO doctors, but ‘the official books’ say that they have FIVE doctors at our Naval Hospital.  The three who are on deployment still get counted.  This sounds like military intelligence at it’s finest.  So the remaining two are stretched pretty thin at the moment, and…  well…  it’s just going to be interesting to see how this all pans out.
  • I feel pretty ok with the situation, despite my initial reaction of panic, but I still find it a little unsettling to not know *who* will show up in the delivery room or even *who* I will be seeing for any of my remaining appointments.  Husband and I were discussing it today and the scenario I fear most involves getting down to those last bits of labor when I’m getting ready to push when suddenly a strange person enters the room.  Strange person says, “Hello Mrs. R, I’m Dr. Whatshisface and I’ll be delivering your baby today.”  And of course I will cordially reply, “It’s very nice to meet you Dr. Whatshisface.  I’m Val.  Welcome to my vagina.”  Ah well, I guess a little bit of uncertainty is good to keep us all on our toes (because looking forward to labor and delivery doesn’t carry enough inherent uncertainty). 
  • We scored a double jogging stroller for a pretty decent deal today.  It always helps to go to church with the owner of your favorite local consignment store.  I’m excited about it.  I hope it will come in handy for getting back into shape after Ingrid finally arrives. 
  • I really hate those grocery shopping trips where you are down to next to nothing in your kitchen and you have to restock everything and you know it’s really going to hurt, but you also know you have to eat.  At least the ‘car cart’ was free and Little Miss was able to pretend to be Mario Andretti while we picked out frozen vegetables.
  • I so act like a really pregnant woman.  One moment I have the energy to conquer the world, (or at least the zoo), and the next I can’t keep my eyes open.  Always an adventure.
  • And I think that’s enough for now.

6 thoughts on “Random Bits of Pregnant Incoherence

  1. I thought every Navy hospital was like the one that I delivered both my kids in. I had 6 interns, a resident and an anesthesiologists for my deliveries. Never met any of them before I started to push. Each time I was checked a different doc would show up. For my appointments, I did have the same NP for most of my visits. Glad your husband is home… enjoy your time!

  2. What a blessing to have your other half home!

    It sounds like you are ready to have the baby any time. When the posts stop for a few days maybe I’ll know for sure. 🙂

    May God watch over you and your house. May the delivery be quick. And may God send a leagion of angels to watch and protect your house during this time.

  3. One of the girls I work with got a kick out of the “welcome to my vagina” comment. I laughed pretty hard.

    I’m glad the hubby is back. Tell him I said hi.
    I’ll be thinking of you while you’re waiting for the next addition.

  4. So glad your husband is home! My husband travels, not in the military, and I am always SO happy when he comes home.
    I pray that you have a quick delivery, and that you are comfortable with whoever shows up to deliver your baby.

  5. Ahhh, yes, the famous “who am I getting to deliver this kid” question? I’m thinking good thoughts for you. After Ingrid is born, I’ll tell you who I got when I had Junior. Remind me, I’m old, I’ll forget if you don’t.

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