Chester Update:

I do believe I was bamboozled…. 

The cat was in the linen closet.  After a trip around the neighborhood by car, one on foot, an attempt to make fliers, and a whole lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth, the cat is now happily playing in the kitchen (with something he’s not supposed to, no doubt).

Disaster averted.  Don’t I feel stupid?  (In my defense, he is all black and the linen closet is very dark–especially at 1 a.m.).

Ahhhh, but it’s the very best KIND of stupid.  😉


2 thoughts on “Chester Update:

  1. I’m so happy for you!

    Our little grey shadow slipped out once. After looking for her frantically, I glanced through the peephole and she was just standing there, like, “’bout time lady.”

    Usually it is our big one that runs out.

    I felt terrible, but she was fine.

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