A vent–Sometimes it’s nice to sweat the small stuff

I am revelling in this vent.  You know why?  Because it’s all small potatoes.  We’ve had our share of gremlins this detachment, we sure have but… so far *knock wood* nothing of the really serious nature.  Just of the very annoying nature.

So here is my vent.  My wonderful, normal, my world is mostly ok it just has minor irritants that give me a headache and make me want to sleep for a few days of sweet oblivion vent.  I’m so excited about my vent that I’m actually starting to feel better about what I’m venting about, so I better get started before I lose my oomph.

Ok, here goes: 

I am 37.5 weeks pregnant.  That’s really almost there.  That’s “if you have this baby now you are considered full term so just go out and get yourself ready” time.  That’s freaking huge belly time.  That’s full out penguin waddle time.  That’s sleep is difficult, and walking is difficult, and cleaning is difficult but you are still nesting all the time time.

And I am sick.  I have been since Friday.  I am coughing so hard that you would think that I was trying to deliver my baby by coughing her up.  My phlegm is colorful and rainbowy.  I feel terrible.  My throat hurts.  I am tired and energyless.  And my doctor says it’s allergies.  Ok.  Fine.  But the allergy medicine isn’t helping.  In fact, I feel worse.

My two year old is wonderful and delightful and makes me smile, but when she doesn’t she is…  being naughty in a two year old way.  She has been especially grumpy the last few days.  She has been a bit of a drama queen blowing every little disturbance of her little life hugely out of proportion and whining and crying about it.  Today at nap-time after I laid her down and firmly said, “stay in bed,” I went in to check on her only to find that she had stripped a poopy diaper off and there was poop everywhere.  Great.  Big pregnant me is on her hands and knees cleaning up poop, freaking fantastic.

AND my husband is still gone.  Just for a few days.  Just for a few more days…  but he is gone, and I’m tired and I am ready to be done.  He has been having fun seeing moose and whales and bears and things and being a tourist, while I have been corralling a two-year old poop flinger at 37.5 weeks pregnant and sick like a dog. 

*I* am going on a detachment when he gets back.  Yes.  I.  am. 

(ok, not really but the fantasy is so soothing….)

–Ok and I just had to say that Mary Kay Lady sent me an email plugging mother’s day specials and I’m fighting the sadistic urge to send an email that says simply ‘my mom is dead, thanks for rubbing it in,’ just to make her feel bad….   I won’t, I won’t but it’s tempting–

So there it is…  My small stuff vent.  No family tragedies.  No major illnesses.  No death or destruction.  Just….  huge and pregnant and sick and dealing with a typical two year old. 

I’ll take it!

All right.  Your turn.  Feel free to leave me a vent if you’ve got one.  And if it’s a ‘small stuff’ one celebrate the fact that it can be.  😉


7 thoughts on “A vent–Sometimes it’s nice to sweat the small stuff

  1. Okay, so I’m not picking up poop that my kid smeared all over the place, but this vacation stinks. It hasn’t been a vacation. It’s been hold Ry all day because he won’t go to anyone else or play on the floor! Sigh. There’s my vent!

  2. My teeth hurt. I need to go to the dentist but I don’t know where to go. My head hurts and I really want to go back to bed and do nothing like I did yesterday. And I don’t like the new shoes I bought.

  3. I’m sorry, but I actually giggled a few times reading the b;pg today. Not at what you are going through, but images of a sitcom (any sitcom) playing out a similar day.

    Hang in there… it shan’t be much longer!

  4. First off, thank you so much for your kind words on my blog post about my mom. I just read several of your posts, and oh my goodness, do we have a lot on common!!! From losing a mother to cancer when your firstborn is only a few months old, right down to those Hope Edelman books. BTW, I read some of Motherless Daughters, and you are so right about it focusing on daughters who lost their moms in childhood. You also said it so well about people’s responses to losing a mom when you’re our age(I was 30 when I lost my mom). My oldest was two also when I gave birth to my youngest, and I also was sick at 37 weeks pregnant with him! Sorry I am so excited, but it rarely happens that I find someone who ‘gets it’. I’m definitely adding you to my blogroll, and will be reading regularly.

  5. I totally get what you mean–just because it is small, doesn’t mean you don’t want to vent a little–even, or maybe especially, when you’ve dealt with something truly huge.

    Sometimes it is nice to realize your biggest complaint at the moment is something that is ultimately manageable–for a change.

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