Can I Just Say….

What a whiny, selfish wench I feel like after whining about this little away time in the light of the leaked news about 15 month tours for the Army???  I ache for the folks effected by this.  I ache for those extended, and all of those who are now preparing from the get go for more than a year away from their families.  Something has GOT to change. 


5 thoughts on “Can I Just Say….

  1. Please do not feel bad about it. Any seperation from our loved ones is a burden. Even though I face a possible such extended seperation (looks unlikely, but is still possible) I do not feel any ill will towards your displeasure of your husband being away. Or even that you have voiced your displeasure.

    I am grateful for your acknowledgement that Army families are facing such extended deployments. We all have our burdens to carry being military families. But we are still a ‘family’. And family sticks together. 🙂

    May your beloved come home to you safe and sound – and quickly.

    God bless.

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