And a Little More Empowerment

In addition to my previous post today I gotta tell you about this. 

Remember The joys and tragedies of an OB visit?  Remember paper drapes and pink paper vests that cover half of each boob and come down to about 5 inches above your belly button?  Remember how degrading I find those things to be?

Well let me just tell you–I had my latest “wear nothing but paper” visit on Monday.  And this time I decided, as a couple of people wisely suggested, to take matters into my own hands.  I brought a light ‘old ladyish’ type robe.  When the corpsman handed me the paper stuff I smiled, shook my head, and said, “I brought my own coverings thanks.”  Then I changed into my very own, fully covering, comfortable, cottony-soft stuff. 

The doctor came in and I told her I hoped she didn’t think I was being silly, but that I felt so much more comfortable in my own robe.  To my suprise she told me she thought it was a fabulous idea, and that she hates the paper crap too.  She told me that at her last command patients actually got to wear fully covering cloth robes and she thought that was a much better idea.  (I was relieved to hear this.  At least *some* military facilities care a little bit about the comfort and dignity of their patients.)

And the biggest shot in the arm was–I just felt so proud of myself afterwards.  Instead of feeling degraded  by the stupid paper and laying their vulnerable waiting for my doctor to come in, I took matters into my own hands and transformed the experience with just a little bit of cotton.  Talk about a “duh” moment.  Oh yeah!  I *AM* in control, here!

I highly reccomend it.  I’m never gonna wear paper again!


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