Going the Distance and Climbing Great Heights

Just a couple of fund-raising efforts to plug here. 

First, Five Million Steps for a Cure:  If you’ve followed the journey of The Cat Lady at all, you know about her husband, Eric, and the courageous battle he fought against acute lymphocytic leukemia.  A year ago, he gave his life in the fight.  To honor him, and in an effort to help all those also effected by leukemias and lymphomas his uncle started out on a trek of the entire Appalachian Trail.  The journey began this last Saturday, and he hopes to be done by September.  Go check out the site and donate!   All pledges will go toward the Leukemia/Lymphoma society.

Secondly, check out Climb for a Cure.  Brian lost his Mom to Lung Cancer last year and in her honor he’s climbing Mt. Everest!  Word has it that he and his climbing buddy have travelled to that area of the world to embark on their last bit of training before beginning the climb.  Go donate there too!  All proceeds go to LUNGevity which provides research money to aid in the fight against Lung Cancer.  And if you’re REALLY motivated you can even do your own Satellite Climb with Brian.

So….  Go fight cancer! 


2 thoughts on “Going the Distance and Climbing Great Heights

  1. It is so wonderful to read about people like Brian and The Cat Lady being actively involved in fundraising. Thank you for sharing their inspiring stories, it encourages me and I am sure others to be more active in fighting cancer.

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