Whine of a Sleep Deprived Mommy

Night-times have been very exciting since we got back from our trip.  Mainly because Little Miss has been sick, and discombobulated by all the changes, and has forgotten how to stay in her big girl bed. 

Can you say “back to keeping the newborn hours?”  We were up from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. with her last night trying to remind her that we sleep during the night time, not play…  It’s been like that to some extent most of the last week.  She’s not scared or upset (Except when we firmly change her plans of nocturnal play-time).  She just wants to play.

So we’re sleep deprived and the upper respiratory gunk she’s had has made it’s rounds.  Husband had it first the last days of our trip and our first days back, then Little Miss the first days back…  I really hoped I was going to dodge it.  Not so.  How could I when we’re not sleeping?

Husband gets to have a killer week this week too, as they want to make a plane that’s literally broken in pieces flying by early next week.  I could make a comment here something like, ‘This my friends, is what they call military intelligence,’ but that probably wouldn’t be appropriate for a supportive Navy wife to say, would it?

Now before you say, “This will be good practice for when the baby comes” let me just pre-emptively verbally slap you.  Two things that I don’t think ANYONE needs practice for:  Separation from one’s family, and sleep deprivation.  You deal with those when they come to you.   You don’t practice for them.  And anyway–remember the post about the joys of Third-trimester sleep?  Go away spin-doctors.

So, alright…  go ahead and judge me.  The T.V. is babysitting today….  I’ll be a better Mommy when I’m on my feet again.


One thought on “Whine of a Sleep Deprived Mommy

  1. I hear ya. My sleep deprivation is more from peeing all night, not being able to sleep from a plugged nose (joys of pregnancy), toddler waking, husband snoring, general aches and pains, anxiety. Woohoo. The only good thing about the third trimester is that it’s the last one. At 4 this morning my husband was snoring and I had “Not Ready to Make Nice” by the Dixie Chicks in my head…who knows why.

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