Faces of Lung Cancer

As I’ve said elsewhere here, when thinking about Lung Cancer it is easy to think that ‘it’s just a smoker’s problem.’

It’s easy to think of Lung Cancer just going along with a nasty habit that nasty people have.  That provides a nice comfortable distance.  “I am not a nasty person with a nasty habit.  I am not at risk.”  It’s a smoke screen (no pun intended) of safety or a faulty way of trying to make sense of suffering that doesn’t make sense.

That is, it’s easy to think that until you look into the faces of people–non-smokers and smokers alike–who have it, or have watched a loved one suffer with it.

The Faces of Lung Cancer

See–it’s so much more than a ‘smokers’ disease.  It is a terrible disease that affects beautiful amazing people from all walks of life.  Real people.  Real families.

And yes–that’s my Mama holding Little Miss near the end.

 (My friend, Katie, at LCSC put this together generated from photos members have uploaded to our message boards, and from events she has attended with LC survivors and their families).


One thought on “Faces of Lung Cancer

  1. After some extensive research last year, I learned that the lung cancer that afflicts non-smokers is much, much more aggressive and more likely to kill than smoker’s lung cancer. Seems so wrong and so unfair. It’s much harder to treat/cure non-smoker’s lung cancer than smoker’s lung cancer.

    So, I hear ya…:)

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