A Whale of a Tail to Tell You, Lads…

Warning to all–You are about to find out how twisted I really am… 

Husband and I were discussing my previous post tonight.  And somewhere in the conversation focusing mainly around my turning over hourly and being the human embodiment of Free Willy it occurred to me:  How do whales have sex?  How do whales nurse babies? 

I scrolled through all the mental pictures I could recall of whales and couldn’t remember, well…  the necessary equipment for such activities.  This lack of recall even made me question something I knew to be certain–that whales are mammals.  I went back to third grade and went…  Ok, mammal criteria:  They have live birth, they produce milk to nurse their young, they have hair.  All those are checks, right?  The birth seemed legit.  When babies get born at Sea World and such there is a big fuss about it.  But, I’ve never seen a whale nipple, so how could they nurse?  I remembered that they had fine little hairs that counted for the third, but going back to the first–I had an idea of how whale babies got OUT of whale Mommies, but no clue how they got IN there.

And you know what?  I couldn’t sleep until I had an answer.  So, I Goodsearched it (for Baby Zachary, you know) and now–at 10 til midnight, I will be able to sleep (kind of).

For those (twisted) inquiring minds like mine, who just have to know how whales procreate:  The skinny on whale reproduction. and, how whales nurse.  And yes, by the way, they are mammals. 

And now, another night of blessed, tortuous sleep may commence.


6 thoughts on “A Whale of a Tail to Tell You, Lads…

  1. Oh good lord, that is hilarious.

    Now I have this mental image of a massively hung male whale with his junk serving as a rudder of sorts.

    I have to go and work with kids in two hours.

    Thanks for that. 🙂

  2. Thanks for allowing me to be reminded on how much I love biology. I remember once when I was like 8 wondering how dogs had sex. Sex was never talked about where I was even dog sex.

  3. so this topic came up between a convo with me and my pals. I was going to take a trip to the awuarium to find out….i just wana know what a whale nipple looks like hahaaa….did you find a pic?

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