Third Trimester Sleep….

First of all, I hate when you write a post and then lose it all….

So, It’s my third trimester.  That glorious stretch of time when one can hardly contain herself because she is literally ready to burst with child.  That glowing time of round belly, and final preparations.

That delightful time when sleep is the only thing that you want, and a great instrument of torture all at the same time.

Let us look closely at the sleep habits of the beached whale known as Val:

I go to bed on a typical night, usually an hour or two later than I should have.  I strategically place pillows between my legs, and under my back and shoulders and try to settle in.  I lay there for a five minutes, ten, twenty….  thirty.  My mind races.  I plan the following day, the following week, the following month.  I worry about the pregnancy, about life after the pregnancy.  I plan the trip to IL, the trip to the grocery store.  I wonder about my career whenever it may start, Husband’s career, Little Miss’s career, Ingrid’s career.  I worry over hang-nails, and colds, and worse maladies than those.  This my friends is insomnia.

I get up, pee, get a glass of water.  Get back in bed.

I begin to settle down.  I actually fall almost asleep.

Then.  I am jolted awake by freakish heart-burn.  I groggily grasp for my bottle of extra generic, extra chalky Tums, put one in my mouth, chew it up so I don’t choke and try to settle down again after making a terrible face at the chalkiness of the Tums.  I try to sleep, only to find that one Tums wasn’t enough.  I grab another.  Lather, rinse, repeat. 

Finally, I settle into a decent sleep.  An hour later, I wake up with pain in my hips, and my back–ok, all of my joints and bones really.  I feel like I’m eighty.  This requires a position change.

Now, flipping from one side to another is nothing when you’re a normal person.  But when you are the human embodiment of Free Willy, things are a little different.  I have devised a system that I very deliberately undertake each and every time I need to flip over.

1.  Recognize the need to flip over.

2.  Haul myself up to sitting (no small feat these days,), and prop self up on elbow.  Then prop self up with arm.

3.  Sit semi-Indian style.  But who are we kidding–it’s hard to get those legs to cross these days.  However–the hips being apart is essential.

4.  I position the pillow back between my knees.

5.  Shift weight to other arm.

6.  Begin to fold legs together down to the new side, keeping pillow in place.

7.  Release weight from arm, again onto elbow.  Adjust onto side.

8.  Snuggle in and try to sleep.

An hour later, I wake up with the same pain, only generating from the new side.  Time to flip over.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

So this need to change positions happens hourly, plus I have to get up to pee at least once more during the night….  surely nothing else could disturb such fine slumber, right?

Oh yeah…  I have a toddler.  With very toddler-like sleep habits.  One night is great–sleeps straight through, even sleeps late.  The next night, I’m up with her 3 or 4 times.

And I’m supposed to be glowing????

Oh joy, oh rupture!

But…  It really is all worth it.  In a few short months, I will have another beautiful little girl who makes my world bright.  I will see Little  Miss blossom into a big sister, and I will grow even further into who I am as I discover myself as the mother of Ingrid.  The mother of Little Miss.  A mother of two. 

And speaking of Little Miss–the toddler with toddler-like sleep habits….  Guess who slept in a big-girl bed for the whole  night last night for the first time????  Isnt’ that amazing?!  I’m so proud.

Now it’s time to go wear myself out again and begin the longing for sleep/torture of sleep cycle all over again.



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