More Random Bits

I should be making lasagna for our supper tonight.  Instead I am staring at my computer screen.  Incidentally, I’m also listening to last week’s Grey’s Anatomy since I won’t be able to watch tonight’s until tomorrow….

I just ate two more of the chocolates I got yesterday for Valentine’s Day….  Those things are like magnets to me *sigh.*  If I was worried last pregnancy about giving birth to a 20 lb. baby, I should be terrified this time….  (ok, and I am.)

I am going nuts wanting to actually finally buy plane tickets for Dad’s wedding next month…  but the Leave Chit is sitting on someone important’s desk.  I wish someones who were important cared about little details like plane fares.

Can I also just tell you how difficult it is to find semi-acceptable Maid of Honor garb in springy colors when one is going to be 33 weeks (sure that’s not months?  feels like it!)  pregnant?  But of course, we all know how much I love shopping in general. 

Ingrid (this is for you, Amanda) is doing well as far as I know.  There won’t be anymore ultrasounds between now and our meeting her unless one is necessary.  She is extra busy, and developed a very impressive kick early on.  Also, she likes to wedge herself into THE most uncomfortable parts of my uterus and stay there for hours.  It’s amazing–pain.  I mean…  pain!  It is extraordinarily fun to watch her jump around in my belly.   It is NOT extraordinarily fun to try to get a decent night’s sleep when all of my joints pull in all the wrong ways, I have massive freak-like heart-burn, and I have to pee and get drinks of water at least once a night.  But (don’t panic Sarah….) it’s all worth it, or will be in May.

Little Miss has recently been introduced to the wonder of balloons.  Thanks to a real-life horror story that my Dad told throughout my childhood, I have a bit of a  balloon phobia…  But I figured we coudln’t deny her the delight forever, and she got some from Pa-pa for Valentine’s Day.  She LOVES the things.  She loves to watch them float to the ceiling.  She tries to hug them.  She holds onto the string and flails them around wildly.  And when she isn’t allowed to go to bed with them in her crib, it’s the end of the world.

Speaking of Little Miss melt-downs, she’s quite possibly the most polite exampleof obstinacy I’ve ever met.  Sure, she exerts her almost two-year old independence frequently these days….  and some days she wears me down to a nub, but she never forgets to say “Thank you.”

I’ve totally over-extended myself at church again….  But it should only last through Lent.  Also, I realized Monday night, when attending my very first committee meeting, why I don’t like committee meetings…. 

My Thursday Morning Bible Study has been interesting, as usual.  The last three weeks I’ve done my level-best to prove that though I was born in 1981, I am fully aware that the world didn’t begin then.  They don’t believe me when I tell them that I know who Jack Benny is….  That I am aware of a world before internet and even T.V.  That I know what Joe Friday’s signature line is.  That I’ve not only seen a Phillips 66 Station, but I’ve also gone to a drive-in on Old Route 66 (speaking of the number).  I haven’t yet told them that my cat is named ‘Chester’ because he has a hitch in his get-along, but I think they’re starting to get it.  Thank Goodness.

And again speaking of that particular Bible Study–have you read the part of the gospels where Jesus curses the Fig Tree?  Does that just…  strike anyone else as totally random?  Did Jesus just wake up on the wrong side of the bed that day?  The story definitely challenges the ‘shiny-happy, namby-pamby’ Jesus idea…. 

Little Miss is awake and that lasagna needs to be made eventually so….  These random bits will have to suffice for now.


3 thoughts on “More Random Bits

  1. Glad you hear you and Ingrid and the rest of the family are doing well. About your last post… I know what it’s like to long for things of home. It’s good that you both can talk about them. As for heart burn during pregnancy, it seems that the women I have met that have had it had babies with lots of hair. I never had it and Ryan was, well, born without lots of hair. =-) Good luck with everything… including that dress!

  2. Thanks for the Ingrid update, babe.

    Good luck on the lagsagna, and please try to take it easy when you can…no more commitments allowed when you’re already overextended…

  3. Kris–I’ve heard that about the hair… But… I had crazy heartburn with Carolyn too, and she was bald until after her first birthday. 😉 We shall see….

    Amanda–I promise I will take lots of time to put my feet up (or write random bloggy blurbs) too. 😉

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