Since moving here and finding a church that felt really, really ‘right’ we’ve been trying to figure out how to become ‘connected’ in that body.  We’ve gone to Bible Studies, we’ve taught Sunday School, I’ve been a nursery worker….  We’ve tried to find ways to serve, and interact and still we felt….  disconnected.

This past Sunday, our pastor and his wife held a meeting for folks in our life stage, and I am so very hopeful about what may come about as a result.

What we found was that we weren’t the only ones trying to become ‘connected’ there.  In fact, the longing to do so seemed to resonate with many around the table.  And…  plans were made and ideas shared about spear-heading an effort to put together a small group of some sort for our particular age group.  Even if that doesn’t materialize entirely, finding out that there were others feeling the same way may act as a catalyst to make something happen–even if in an informal way.

This seems like a teeny-tiny thing, I know.  But…  Navy communities are funny.  Yes, there are all of these stereotypes about June Cleaver looking women bringing casseroles over to one another upon move in/deployment/homecoming days.  That’s not how it works.  In fact, in today’s cynical world the transient nature of the folks who live in a community like this makes it difficult for anyone to really *want* to reach out and connect.  Hesitation is natural.

Add in the networking challenges that present themselves when one has small children and the social confusion that comes as a result of leaving after less than a year, and spending ten months elsewhere before coming back, and things can get difficult

But connections are necessary.  When you are staring down a thing like giving birth while your husband is gone without a Mom or a Sister or someone to come in and help out and be that estrogen-laden shoulder to cry on (No Daddy, I’m not underestimating the help you will be.  I’m really not.  But there is a girly aspect to all of this), you understand how very necessary it is to have people in your life that you can count on.  We are blessed in having a very small circle of really good friends who we know we can call upon…  But still we long for more connectedness, especially within our church body.

And so…  Well…  I’m giddy excited, and hopeful, and I’m really just crossing my fingers that *Something* will come of all of this.

On top of that, we made another important ‘Connection’ yesterday.  We met our doula (‘professional-type’ who will serve as s support person for me whilst I labor with Ingrid).  We were leaning towards maybenot having a doula this go-around until….  Well until all the talks of deployment starting coming up and then I got on the phone fast.

She seems absolutely wonderful….  And it is a huge comfort to know that someone will be there in the room with me when this baby comes into the world.  The fact that this particular someone knows all sorts of good tricks for pain relief, and comfort measures is an added bonus.  I’m really all about doulas. 

So….  in the wake of news that left me feeling scared, and isolated, and alone, here is some hope in connections.  Very good stuff.


2 thoughts on “Connections

  1. I can relate a little bit…I want to connect with people as well, but I’m afraid of things going wrong, people getting the wrong idea…etc.

    If someone hit on me now, I might just have to kick them in the nuts.

    Geez, I wonder why I don’t get out much? 🙂

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