The Togetherness of Now

It’s amazing sometimes, how a single conversation I can have with Husband about this lifestyle we live as a military family, and the challenges that may or may not face us as a  result, can instantly change the way we interact.

After such a conversation last night, I noticed that there was just a measure more of tenderness in the way we said our “I love yous” before quieting down for the evening.  I noticed that he curled himself around me a little closer, and stayed curled there a little longer before flipping over to slip into his sleep cycle.  When we woke up at different times in the night, rather than simply finding the perfect comfortable position to go back to sleep, we found a way to touch one another, sighed, and then settled back in.

I caught the way his eyes softened when we chuckled over Little Miss’s antics last night, and the little quiver of anticipation and anxiety that came over him when we talked about Ingrid’s arrival.

Our hugs were longer, and our voices kinder, and our tolerance (mostly his tolerance for my incessant need to verbally process last night) higher.

These are things we should do, and ways that we should be every day, but that we forget about until we remember that our time together is so often limited.

So much can be remembered…  So many behaviours changed…  After a simple conversation that makes you remember…

To revel in the togetherness of now.

I hope that we will continue to remember.


2 thoughts on “The Togetherness of Now

  1. I love this post. Please remember the tenderness and appreciation for as long as you are both together…for as you and I both know all too well, it can be taken away in a heartbeat…

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