De-lurk Yourself!

So…  it’s de-lurking week.  I’d love to know who is reading.  And comments make me positively giddy in general.

Are you reading?  Anybody?  Hallloooo!

Come on guys…  I had an unbelievably bad stomach bug yesterday…  I still can’t eat anything really fun.  Can’t you at least comment out of pity? 


16 thoughts on “De-lurk Yourself!

  1. I read and reread far too often. I should try this tactic on my blogs because I swear no one reads my random musings. Here I am, when I should be in bed checking your blog and watching The English Patient, which I have never seen before. I have always boycotted watching it before because I deemed it too long and rather boring looking. However, I am determined in my mania to watch more movies that I would have passed on normally, especially classics and those critically acclaimed. I think a nine oscar, best picture winner qualifies. Plus, part of it is about mapmaking, my chosen profession. How many movies involve that? I was determined to write the longest pity comment. I have succeeded so far. Who will challenge me?

    After this rambling, who would visit my blogs? 😉

  2. Took a while for me to take time to get caught up with the blog (blog always reminds me of BLOB which is the mess that accumulates on my kitchen counter). Glad to hear about Ingrid and all the upcoming changes. TTFN!

  3. Oh my goodness…I ALWAYS read your blog! I think I’m addicted, actually. But, I love to read all about what is going on in your life! So…ummmm…thanks for sharing! And, Lauren, I read yours as well! Always intersting and funny!

  4. Oh my goodness! I ALWAYS read your blog! I love finding out what is going on in your life! So, thanks for sharing so much!! I hope you feel better soon!

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