Bits of Randomness

Not a lot coming to me in the realm of blogging right now.  I just haven’t been feeling ‘the blog bug’ lately, I guess.  To tide all of my um…  3… regular readers over, I offer to you bits of randomness:

  • I’m really enjoying feeling the baby move around.  It’s nice when I get to this point and there is something that I enjoy about the pregnancy rather than just discomfort, strange bodily functions, and the sneaking suspicion that instead of being pregnant, that my body is being taken over by aliens.
  • Baby already has a good kick.
  • Both Little Miss and I have another cold.  It seems to be doable thus far.  She’s still playing up a storm, and I still have most of my oomph.  I am still using it as an excuse not to do laundry, though.
  • I’m becoming as firm a believer in back exercises as my Dad.  I’ve been continuing to have issues with back and hip pain….  and it’s all manageable as long as I’ve done the exercises…  I just hope it will be enough to get me through til labor and all of the fancy positions I will find myself in for that experience.
  • We made banana bread today.   Just because I wanted to smell it baking.
  • Husband is learning that he does not enjoy being the lead supervisor in his shop.  Even if it is only temporary.
  • I’m not sure I enjoy it either.  Not only is he more stressed out, but it sounds there is a good chance he won’t be home until after midnight tonight.  Oh Joy.
  • Little Miss is talking up a storm.  She has mastered, “Yes!”  and “Gentle!” and so many other words that I couldn’t even begin to list them.  She is starting to string a couple words together at times, and she constructs very long sentences composed of words, and babble….  Best of all, she actually….  like…  converses with us now in her own little way.  It’s so bizarre to have a child that, you know…  talks back!
  • And can I just say how wonderful it is that she has moved on from the ‘NONONONONONONOOOOOOOO!’ (and ‘NO!’ only!) phase.  YAY for YES!
  • I’m extremely excited that at least for now, I’m enjoying these holidays.  I am an especial fan of advent.
  • I’m an especially especial fan of advent when I’m pregnant.  It brings the images of being pregnant with the expectation of the coming savior that much more awe-inspiring.
  • Every time I think of that, I think of going to church camp my senior year of high school–we helped do a Day Camp for kids with special needs, but we also did all the normal church-campy things.  One year our theme was the church calendar, and of course that started with Advent.  So…  the first night, our director told us that we were pregnant (you know…  we were expecting The Messiah)…  and that we could all go home and tell our folks that we’d gotten knocked up at church camp….  Hehehe…  (and now I’m trying to remember if he actually said, ‘knocked up…..’ or if I just embellished with that because it makes for a funnier story.    Funny as it was, it was really the first time I “got” what the advent season is all about.
  • We’re not doing a lot of Christmas shopping this year because we don’t have a lot of extra funds to stretch.  So we’re getting creative.  I’m actually a little excited about all the Christmas projects I have to do.
  • Good thing I’m not feeling ick about Christmas this year–or else….  I wouldn’t have the oomph for creative, and I’d just have to hide out in a hole to try to avoid the people that I suspect might expect gifts from me.  *Considers the idea of feeling this Christmas, with all these projects, as I did last Christmas*  *Shudders*
  • I’m actually kind of struggling with my anticipation of the holiday stuff…  because the last two years were just so very hard, and dark, and sad, and scary.  It almost feels false to feel this good about it…  but I do feel good about it.  I guess this year I just don’t have to look quite as hard to find the light in the darkness.  However…  I do take pause and realize that other people are dealing with a lot of darkness, and I am praying for bright shafts of light for them throughout the season.
  • Little Miss is also enjoying it.  She loves the Christmas tree.  She loves our Christmas devotional.  She loves to play with her nativity scene–“Babaaay Jeees!”  It’s great stuff.
  • It’s especially great to have Husband home with us for all of it.  Even on nights when he doesn’t get home til after midnight.
  • I really need a shower, and I’m sure you’re all tired of the bulleted randomness.
  • Farewell, all!

6 thoughts on “Bits of Randomness

  1. Good to hear all the randomness. I think there is a special feeling and a better understanding when one is pregnant during Advent. It’s the season of tears for me because it’s so amazing that God would want to be a baby to grow up to die for us, but also because I miss the family.

  2. I am glad you blogged even though you did not feel bloggy :-).
    Your blog is like a security blanket for me. It always leaves me feeling it’s gonna be ok. It’s alright just where I am. Especially on days when I feel like I need permission to be human 🙂
    Love you

  3. Random is good. It helps get those thoughts out there that really need to be got out but don’t make sense in any certain order. And that is kind of a random sentence itself and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

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